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New releases

Following up on my recent review of Snoopy: A Beagle of Mars (a title which, by the way, is an Edgar Rice Burroughs reference): several people gave me confirmation that physical copies of the book actually did come out last December. This is a second (or later) printing. However, they changed the data listed in the indica, which would usually for a book be publication date, and replaced it with a printing date, with no record of when it was first printed. They did, however, remove the line from the first printings that said “first printing”.

Perhaps odder still, they changed the copyright year from 2019 to 2020. Reprinting a work does not reset the copyright (and the proper copyright year is listed on the back cover.) Checking the US government’s copyright registration database, I can’t find any registration (yet) for this work, but given that the work was published in 2019, it should carry that year.

But this is just technical matters for those of us who have to research earlier publications (such things come up frequently in my work as a reprint publisher.)

New releases
Cynical Supersnoop

Working in the comics field and being a long-time reader of comic books, I’ve grown accustomed to the darker, cynical take on superheroes, depicting them with twisted motivations and deleterious effect. At times, it is quite well done (as in Watchmen); at other times, it’s a weak attempt deconstruction (like …

Classic finds
The phantom Big Books of Peanuts

I get this question from time to time… is there any plans for a fifth and final Big Book of Peanuts? For those who have not seen this series, there were four volumes of The Big Book of Peanuts issued, each a hardback that included all of the Peanuts dailies (i.e., not …

Classic finds
Translating Schulz into English

AAUGH Blog reader David wrote me to ask about some odd lettering in a few of the strips that were reprinted in Charles M. Schulz: 40 Years of Life and Art, a big slipcased book that came out for the fortieth anniversary of Peanuts, so three decades ago. It’s just …