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Following up on my recent review of Snoopy: A Beagle of Mars (a title which, by the way, is an Edgar Rice Burroughs reference): several people gave me confirmation that physical copies of the book actually did come out last December. This is a second (or later) printing. However, they changed the data listed in the indica, which would usually for a book be publication date, and replaced it with a printing date, with no record of when it was first printed. They did, however, remove the line from the first printings that said “first printing”.

Perhaps odder still, they changed the copyright year from 2019 to 2020. Reprinting a work does not reset the copyright (and the proper copyright year is listed on the back cover.) Checking the US government’s copyright registration database, I can’t find any registration (yet) for this work, but given that the work was published in 2019, it should carry that year.

But this is just technical matters for those of us who have to research earlier publications (such things come up frequently in my work as a reprint publisher.)

New releases
Review: Peanuts Every Sunday 1980s Box Set

Conflict of interest note: I have had a business relationship with the publisher Fantagraphics on multiple Peanuts-oriented projects in the past and may well continue to do so. No review copies of these volumes were provided. The Peanuts Every Sunday 1980s Box Set does well exactly what it’s supposed to …

New releases
Review: Charlie and Friends

There is nothing wrong with a cheaply produced paperback of public domain material. It can provice a service. For some material it’s the only way that product will be available. In the case of Charlie and Friends in Tip Top Comics – The Full Series Reader Collection, however, it’s the equivalent …

New releases
Review: Peanuts Origami

The book Peanuts Origami is designed for people who are not me, specifically people who are willing to rip pages out of a Peanuts book so that they can fold them into things. Maybe if I had three copies, I would do that for one. I shall not find out. But …