What Cartooning Really Is cover

We now have a cover image forĀ What Cartooning Really Is, the new collection of old Schulz interviews coming from Fantagraphics. This 300 page 6″x9″ hardcover is slated to ship in October, for your Christmas shopping pleasure, but it can be preordered now.

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Lotsa new book coming

Okay, normally I’d take this bunch of new book announcements for the fall and cover releases and break it into several posts, but I feel like getting this out of the way. We have a cover… well, a box… for the A Charlie Brown Christmas Book and Tree and Music …

Upcoming releases
A Snoopy Tale cover reveal

Here we have the cover for the upcoming Peanuts storybook A Snoopy Tale, based on the forthcoming Apple TV+ series The Snoopy Show.

Upcoming releases
Cover reveal: When Snoopy Met Woodstock

So we’ve got the cover to next summer’s storybook, When Snoopy Met Woodstock. And, unsurprisingly for a book that’s a tie in to the upcoming Apple TV+ seriesĀ The Snoopy Show, it has an animated look to it. I’m curious about this one, and whether they’ll embrace the material from the …