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Alert AAUGH Blog reader Scott pointed me toward some books I’d missed… understandably, because they appear to have been exclusive to Nordstrom, which ain’t exactly my usual haunt. It’s two volumes of what they offered as a Peanuts Perform Book, volumes 1 and 2 of Peanuts: You Are a Very Loving Person and Your Life will be Filled with Scent. And in true Nordy fashion, they are offering them not as two different books, but in one book available in two styles: yellow and red. (Both are “A scented book filled with bright colors along with cheerful and comforting messages from a beloved Peanuts character and his friends.” Yellow is “woody” scents, Red “fruity and floral”.)

Or at least they were. I’m not sure when they got these in, but they are dumping them now at discount… and it looks like “red” is sold out online (it might be available at some local shops, I suppose.) A copy of the yellow, woody, manly volume 1 should be winging its way to me quickly, and I will let you know more details once it’s in my formerly-unscented paws.

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