It’s one book! It’s two books!! It’s a Peanigma!!!

New releases

I’ve been saying that the Andews McMeel Peanuts strip collections for kids were a pretty good deal, with paperbacks like Snoopy: Cowabunga and Charlie Brown and Friends with list prices of about ten bucks a pop.

Then today I find this at Costco…. a book which as of now I cannot find from any other source. Peanuts: The Gang’s All Here has almost the full content of both the books I mention above, lots and lots of in-color strips, in hardcover…. for $10.49. Bargain!

It even has the (frankly weak) flip animation and the text features of the original versions. The one thing that this version is lacking? The posters of the covers that are in the back of the paperbacks.

(Costco, for those who don’t know, is a membership-based warehouse store chain. They do sell some things online, but only to members… and this book is not currently listed.)

Classic finds
Lucy’s Lemon Censorship Recipe

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New releases
Peanuts Holiday Cookbook

The new Peanuts Holiday Cookbook is a slick piece of work, a bright hardcover illustrated with a mix of Schulz strips, recycled Peanuts art from other projects, and new art done for this project by Peanuts kid books regulars Robert Pope and Scott Jeralds. It offers a fairly diverse set …

Animated Peanuts
I’m confused by A Charlie Brown Christmas

I stopped by a local Hallmark store knowing that it was about time for Christmas books to surface, and there I saw it, a new book edition of A Charlie Brown Christmas… or at least that’s what I thought. I did not recognize this colorful edition. Then I opened it and …