Christmas Time Is Here is here

New releases

Just out from Phoenix International Publications, who have put out a string of Peanuts books with sound buttons, is Christmas Time is Here!. This is basically a kids’s song book, six buttons to play songs with the lyrics on the attached board book, and a rhyming countdown from five days before Christmas to the Big Day itself going through the book. Five board-book spreads. I like how the music pieces on these have gotten longer, now that memory is cheaper.

Songs includes are “Here We Come A-Caroling”, “We Wish You a Merry Christmas”, “O Christmas Tree”, “Deck the Halls”, “Jingle Bells”, and of course the titular “Christmas Time is Here.”

Despite including music from the special, this has an original story (to the degree that it has a story at all), and does not qualify for my list of book adaptations of A Charlie Brown Christmas.


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New releases
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