With the news about the Schulz home burning in the fire, people are wondering how to help. I’ve already heard people asking if Jean Schulz has put up a Go Fund Me page. To be frank, that seems like an unlikely thing to have happen. The Schulz family is in a better position than most to recover the things that can be recovered with money. So much of what was lost cannot.

However, not everyone in the Santa Rosa area is coming from a strong financial position. If you want to help in general, the city of Santa Rosa has recommended giving to the United Way of Wine Country. At the moment, all donations through their website will be directed to fire relief and recovery efforts.

And please, if you ever find yourself in an area that’s being evacuated – don’t be the one that thinks that it’s not such a big deal, that you’ll have plenty of time to get away. Clearly, that’s not always the case.