There are wildfires in Santa Rosa, California, and the Schulz Museum and the adjacent skating rink and gift shop within the area under evacuation… but just barely. As of 6 AM, the southern edge of the evacuation area was West Steele Lane, which the Schulz buildings are on the north side of. That means that they probably aren’t in immediate danger… but as time goes on, the fire may of course move. The Mercury News reports that the fire has already hit a mobile home park and the Fountaingrove Inn, about a mile and a half away from the museum.

The Museum’s art collection does, of course, have significant fire protection as appropriate for a valuable pile of paper; how well that holds against fires from the outside, instead of fires started inside, I have no idea. And folks who have been to the area will know that there are plenty of trees around that could carry fires. Winds are pretty light there today, which is good.

In my experience, the setting of evacuation areas tends to err to the side of being overprotective. Odds are, all will be fine.