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One of the interesting things to watch in the way Peanuts is being handled these days is a greater emphasis on Franklin – for a long time, he was basically absent on products, but now he’s regularly included in figurines and the various gewgaws. This was blatant during the promotion of The Peanuts Movie a couple of years ago, and there were clear business reasons for it – African Americans are a significant portion of the US movie audience, and representation does have an impact. But even if there are business reasons for it, it’s nice to see; it lets Peanuts reflect the somewhat-less-segregated world we’re living in without being untrue to the source material.

One example of the increased Franklinization is how, so soon after the release of the first physical Peanuts book to have Franklin in the title, they’ve already announced a second. Nice to Meet You, Franklin! is a storybook based on the introduction of Franklin into the strip, with his initial meeting Charlie Brown on the beach and his subsequent visit to the Browns’ neighborhood. This one drops in May.


Upcoming releases
Our first “coming next year” of the year

AAUGH Blog reader Jeff pointed us to the announcement of The Peanuts Papers: Charlie Brown, Snoopy and the Gang, and the Meaning of Life. This is an anthology of personal reflective essays on Peanuts, and they’ve got some heavy hitters in the line-up, including two major Jonathans (Lethem of Motherless Brooklyn and The …

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Heavy Snoopy for your Kindle

A couple weeks ago a rather huge Snoopy collection was released for the Kindle, and its follow up is coming out this week. The World According to Snoopy Volume One and The World According to Snoopy Volume Two each collect eight Snoopy-centric strip collections, specifically: Volume One – Snoopy the …

Upcoming releases
Lucy gets cross… stitched.

Coming next August is Peanuts Cross-Stitch: 15 Easy-to-Follow Patterns Featuring Charlie Brown & Friends, which is a book of cross-stitch patterns – fifteen of them, the be precise – which feature characters from Peanuts, including Charlie Brown, and should be easy to follow. Don’t you love the in-depth detective work I …