The world-famous Comic-Con International: San Diego is less than a month away, and if you haven’t already gotten tickets… well, then it ain’t happening, they sold out way back. So if you’re not already planning on going, you’re not gonna be there, and this will be mere window-shopping for you. If you are going, however, these are the convention-exclusive items that have been announced for the Peanuts booth… the only ones announced to date, but there may be more coming. (So far, there are no t-shirts, no statuary!)

Each day, the booth will be distributing a different one of these pins, free – but you got to get them while they’re available, supplies don’t last. What’s up with the Japanese text? Well, it’s the 50th anniversary of Peanuts in Japan. Yes, the gang took a while to get there, but once they did, they took it by storm. And speaking the Japanese theme:

This lanyard featuring Snooshy and supi…. no, wait, that’s Snoopy and sushi… will run you $4.

Meanwhile, off of the Japanese theme, we have these enamel pins:

All lovely, these will set you back $5 apiece. I may well grab up an Oh, Good Grief one for myself.

The Peanuts booth will be in the same place it’s been in recent years. The number is different – it’s now officially booth 1635 instead of the traditional 1637 – but it takes up the same spot.