So I got my itty bittys Peanuts Easter Beagle Stuffed Animal and Storybook Set from Hallmark. And yes, as you see here, the itty bittys tag does keep Snoopy’s arm (well, leg… well, no, itty bittys don’t have legs) propped up. The storybook is an adaptation of the TV special… but it’s also in standard itty bittys format, which means it rhymes. Yes, someone got to convert It’s the Easter Beagle, Charlie Brown storyline to verse, although writer Carolina Fernandez does lose half a grade in my book for rhyming “right” with “alright.” Other than that, it’s exactly what it should be. If you want to see the TV special reinterpreted through the itty bittys lens, then Fernandez and artist Rich La Pierre did a fine job. And for about $20, you can find out for yourself. I think this would actually be lightly amusing if a kid read this without having experienced Peanuts, although some bits of it may confuse slightly. Still, watching the DVD of the TV special would amuse more.