Squeaky wheel, meet grease

Having chastised the Christian Science Monitor for their article on the end of the MetLife Peanuts license, I must now commend them for taking my concerns seriously once I submitted them. While the article is still grounded in some assumption of a lack of interest in Peanuts among the younger demographic, they have reworked it not only to remove the false claims of Peanuts availability on Netflix, but also to add:

That doesn’t mean, however, that the Peanuts gang has entirely lost its fan base. There is a new Peanuts TV series currently running on Cartoon Network’s Boomerang. A successful Peanuts movie released just last year.

(The next line, which was also in the earlier version, lets you know that “there continue to be hundreds of Peanuts products around the world.” I should’ve taken time to scoff at the “hundreds”. Hallmark alone has hundreds of Peanuts products. Try doing a search for “Snoopy” at Amazon and see how many results you get…)

Schulz/Peanuts news
Guess who just bought a big chunk of Peanuts??

The Hollywood Reporter is Hollywood reporting that entertainment giant Sony just bought 39% of the holding company that exists to hold the rights to Peanuts. They bought just short of half of the share that DHX Media bought a year ago. This means that the ownership breaks down like this: …

Schulz/Peanuts news
Peanuts Global Artist Collective

Now this is cool! The Peanutsy folks have announced the Peanuts Global Artist Collective, an international public art effort were seven selected artists/teams are doing public art using the Peanuts characters. They’re permitted to do their own interpretation of the characters, or to use Schulz art, or to mix things together …

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A Charlie BANNED Christmas

Following up on yesterday’s post about how Texas prisons have banned The Peanuts Collection, I should note that that’s not the only Peanuts book they’ve banned. They’ve also banned the book adaptation of A Charlie Brown Christmas… and since they are, presumably, wise followers of this blog (all the best people …