Hallmark haul

As promised, I went to the local Hallmark shop, and found… no knowledge of the Peanuts sale. No signage. Talked to someone who appeared to be the manager, and she was unaware of such a sale. So I mentioned that it was on Hallmark’s website, and she went into her office and did the research, and came back to let me know that indeed, there is a sale. It didn’t apply to ornaments (which is fine, I’m not an ornament guy) or greeting cards (I’m only somewhat of a greeting card guy), and she tried to steer me to the Peanuts statuary section to show me all that was on sale… but I explained that I am solely a book guy. And I grabbed the book that I came there for, the 50th anniversary edition of The Great Pumpkin (priced at $10, give or take a few cents)…

…and two more books that I hadn’t even known about, ones that aren’t on the Hallmark website (yet.) At $20 apiece. So saving money ended up costing me a lot more than expected!

More on those two books over the next couple of days.

Free Comic Book Day – tomorrow

I’m interrupting your usual Peanuts-y news for a reminder that the first Saturday in May – and as I type this, that’s tomorrow – is Free Comic Book Day. Odds are pretty good that if you walk into a comic book store tomorrow, you’ll be able to walk away with absolutely …

Sale – Snoopy the Flying Ace Stuffed Animal and  Storybook Set 

The: itty bittys Snoopy the Flying Ace Stuffed Animal and Storybook Set is now for sale at half off from Hallmark’s online store. Share this:

I’m to blame for Schulz forgeries!

EBay is, unsurprisingly, awash in fraud. It gets pulled in many ways, including knock-off items and forgeries. Cartoonist Terry Beatty (currently of the “Rex Morgan” newspaper strip) has been doing a good job of highlighting tracings and fakes being passed off as original drawings by famous cartoonists – and given …