The Complete Peanuts 25 will be better than you think!

CP26For a while, I’ve been fielding inquiries about what The Complete Peanuts 1999-2000 was going to be like. After all, Schulz only did a handful of strips for 2000, which means that they had about half the content of the previous volumes. Was it going to be a thin book, or were they going to fill the pages with something else? The answer turns out to be “something else”… and it’s good news indeed. Once we get to the end of the Peanuts newspaper strip, the book will go before the beginning of Peanuts. That’s right, the book is going to reprint the complete run of “Li’l Folks”, Schulz’s pre-Peanuts series of gag panels about kids that ran only in the St. Paul local papers. While this material has been in a book before, that book wasn’t available through the book market (it was mainly sold at the Schulz Museum), which makes this a handy volume indeed! This book is slated for April of next year, but of course you can preorder now!

(Normally, since I’d already done a blog post today, I’d wait until the morning to post this, but this was too good news to wait.)

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I Need All The Friends I Can Get returns

Next July brings us a reprint of I Need All The Friends I Can Get, one of the adages-and-pictures books that Schulz created in the 1960s. It is now available for preorder. 40 SHARES Share Tweet this thing Follow the AAUGH Blog

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Maybe it was Woodstock taking the dictation…

First the good news: the Titan Books reprints of classic Peanuts strip collections have taken a step I hadn’t expected: reprinting one of the Peanuts Parade book, the 7″x10″ series that ran 29 volumes, a mix of new reprint volumes and reformatting of previous volumes. Specifically, they’re reprinting And a Woodstock …

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Reprints… exciting and new!

The wavy lines on the cover of the upcoming rerelease of the classic Peanuts gift book Security is a Thumb and a Blanket make me think of the ocean. Which then makes me see the circular logo space as a porthole. Which, in turn, makes me view the entire cover as …