Peanuts Guides to Life

The new British series Peanuts Guide to Life is a nice one. This is a series of character-oriented, themed strip collections. We get:

PhilosnoopyThese are hardcovers, no dust jackets, but with golden highlights on the cover. The interior are two-color: black-and-white, plus a highlight color (yes, you might count that as three colors, but it’s two colors of ink. That’s the way we call it in the publishing business.) The best use of this is the Woodstock book, where yellow is used to color Woodstock himself and that’s it.

Some daily strips are put on a single page, some split over two pages, and sometimes they give the last panel its own page, blowing it up large. That works well.

Upcoming volumes are:

(All links here go to Book Depository, a UK site that offers free shipping worldwide.)

On-air interview

I was interviewed by Ken Gale for WBAI’s Hour Of The Wolf (which is actually two hours, wolves must be bad at telling time) last night. We did touch on Schulz, although largely it was a wider-ranging talk on my publishing efforts. You can find it in the WBAI Radio Archives (but …

A recommendation you can trust

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The AAUGH Blog Podcast episode 03: Franklin’s real life mother – The AAUGH Blog

The new episode of the podcast, an interview with Harriet Glickman (the woman whose suggestion caused Schulz to add Franklin to the Peanuts cast) is up at: The AAUGH Blog Podcast episode 03: Franklin’s real life mother  (I apologize for those of you seeing two notices of this new episode, …