Peanuts Artist’s Edition unboxing

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I just got my copy of the Peanuts Artist’s Edition, which you too can order from Amazon, and it is a great big, lovely book. I made this video of me opening it and flipping through it – you can skip the first minute-and-a-half of the unboxing if you don’t want to see me actually struggling with the box. One thing that I should’ve noted was not only that the included strips were all from the first 10 years of Peanuts, but also that they were all dailies. This suggests the possibility not only of 4 more volumes, but of 9. (If there is a volume 2, I hope they go with 1960s Sundays.)

Animated Peanuts
Review: Nest Friends & When Snoopy Met Woodstock

Newly released are two children’s storybooks in the Ready*To*Read line: Nest Friends and When Snoopy Met Woodstock. Both of these are adaptations of stories from The Snoopy Show, the currently running original animated series on the Apple TV+ streaming service. Rather than commissioning new art, the adaptation just has Ximena Hastings adapting …

New releases
Review: Snoopy Says “Good Night”

  Hallmark has dipped its toe into the Peanuts cloth book market with Snoopy Says “Good Night”, an edge-of-your-seat thriller in which Snoopy says good night to Charlie Brown, Sally, Linus, Lucy, and (SPOILER WARNING) you. And they really pump up that last one, because on the left of the spread …

New releases
Review: The Legend of Blackbeagle the Pirate

Hallmark has come out with a new hardcover storybook, The Legend of Blackbeagle the Pirate. This volume is very much a follow-up to last year’s The Adventures of the Candy Crusader, with again being focused on characters that Snoopy and Woodstock choose to play on Halloween, again with rhyming text by …