Peanuts books be shipping

Now shipping

I recently received my copies of Be Thankful and Be Friends, the latest books in the Peanuts Wisdom to Carry You Through series… and really, my review for the earlier volumes still applies. If you liked those, here’s more of that.

I missed announcing the shipment of The Peanuts Gang Love To Doodle (an activity book) and Peanuts Labels & Stickers, a book of, well, Peanuts labels and stickers. Sorry, I didn’t notice when they’d come out, because I didn’t order them. (I have to have some limits on what I buy. I am not made of money. Not sure what I’m made of, really. Probably a poly/cotton blend.)


Oh, you want me to say something new here? Okay: here’s the cover to the upcoming kids strip collection (with a free poster!) Charlie Brown and Friends. Which leads to three questions:

  1. Woodstock is Charlie Brown’s friend?
  2. Really?
  3. If you were to cast the members of the Peanuts gang as the cast of the TV sitcom Friends, who is Rachel? I mean, the rest are pretty obvious: Charlie Brown is Ross, Lucy is Monica (okay, there’s a case for either making Linus Ross or Sally Monica to keep the brother/sister thing going, but personalitywise, this seems a better fit), Sally is Phoebe (well, maybe Frieda), Linus is Chandler, and Snoopy is Joey. But for Rachel? I got nothing.
Upcoming releases
The Gang’s going soft!

In October, I told you about a hardcover book that appeared to be a Costco exclusive, collecting two of the AMP kid-aimed strip reprint books,¬†Snoopy: Cowabunga! and¬†Charlie Brown and Friends. Now it looks like those of you who are not Costco members will get a shot at this book as …

Upcoming releases
Upcoming books of Schulz interviews and Sundays

Coming from Fantagraphics in October is “What Cartooning Really Is”: The Major Interviews with Charles Schulz. This offers up four interviews with Sparky, conducted by Fantagraphics head Gary Groth, film critic Leonard Maltin, novelist Laurie Colwin, and comics historian Rick Marschall. For those with a hefty Peanuts research bookshelf, the …

Upcoming releases
The new Only Necessary cover

AAUGH Blog reader Asher kindly pointed out that I had messed up including a link to my review of the previous edition of the Chip Kidd book Only What’s Necessary, so I’ve fixed that post, and here’s the link again! Meanwhile, we now have a front cover image for the …