The Advent Calendar, 6 days to go

December 19: Bah, Humbug!

You thought I was kidding about that earlier cover when I said that the presents were about to hit the smiling, oblivious youth in their noggins. But on this book you see the sort of thing that happens. And its title, Bah, Humbug!, reflects that other side of Christmas, one that Schulz clearly understood and reflected…. and for that aspect of it, I love this 1996 hardcover strip reprint. (And yes, it comes with wrapping paper in the back, so you can wrap this up and make “Bah, Humbug!” the message of your Christmas gift.


advent calendar
The Advent Calendar, the Big Day

My choice of what the finest non-adaptation-of-A-Charlie-Brown-Christmas Peanuts Christmas book wasn’t a struggle. The Joy of a Peanuts Christmas is quite simply a lovely book of the core of Peanuts. It’s a strip collection, collecting Christmas-themed strips. Now, that would describe a lot of the books on this list, but …

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The Advent Calendar, 1 day to go

The title of Christmas is Together-Time may be a mite awkward, but what it is isn’t awkward at all. What it is is pure, book-original Schulz, with his reflections on Christmas and what it is. And lest you think that a Christmas giftbook is apt to be pure saccharine, we …

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The Advent Calendar, 2 days to go

Some books are great, but some books are more than a book, and such is the case with A Very Peanuts Christmas – it’s a book, but it’s also a pillow! More of a decorative throw item than something you’re going to use to sleep on, but it is nice …