The Advent Calendar, 22 days to go

December 3: Open Me First

This far from the top of the list, I’m still willing to include books that I like for snarky rather than pure and noble reasons. For example, there’s this coloring book that I found the other day in the dollar bin at the local Target . The packet that it comes in sends off rather mixed messages, bearing both the enticing title Open Me First and the more offputting legend Warning: Choking Hazard.

advent calendar
The Advent Calendar, the Big Day

My choice of what the finest non-adaptation-of-A-Charlie-Brown-Christmas Peanuts Christmas book wasn’t a struggle. The Joy of a Peanuts Christmas is quite simply a lovely book of the core of Peanuts. It’s a strip collection, collecting Christmas-themed strips. Now, that would describe a lot of the books on this list, but …

advent calendar
The Advent Calendar, 1 day to go

The title of Christmas is Together-Time may be a mite awkward, but what it is isn’t awkward at all. What it is is pure, book-original Schulz, with his reflections on Christmas and what it is. And lest you think that a Christmas giftbook is apt to be pure saccharine, we …

advent calendar
The Advent Calendar, 2 days to go

Some books are great, but some books are more than a book, and such is the case with A Very Peanuts Christmas – it’s a book, but it’s also a pillow! More of a decorative throw item than something you’re going to use to sleep on, but it is nice …