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About the Peanuts book collector guide

There have been hundreds of different Peanuts and Peanuts-related books issued since 1952. This list is an attempt to list all of the books released in the U.S. and English-language books released elsewhere, with some notes on non-English foreign editions. You'll also find some articles for the Peaunts fan. The collector's guide divides the list into pages based around what type of book each is. In some case, this division is a judgment call. If you have a book that's not on the list that you'd like to tell me about, please see the Frequently Asked Questions list for information about how to contact me and what information I'll need. Please note: at this point, I am not tracking coloring books, activity books, or greeting cards (including multipage greeting cards.)

Do not email me asking how much your books are worth. I do not believe in setting collectible values.

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Notations used in this guide:

* = There's a copy of this book in the reference library.

(HB) = The copy in the reference library is a hardcover (may not be noted on books available solely in hardcover.)

CB = Charlie Brown

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