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One-Armed Carl

Vegas-style comics fun! Every strip a winner!

Spin again!
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Carl is a tale introduced Scott McCloud's book Understanding Comics, where he showed how the fixed endpoints of a story (the first and last panels shown here) could be a tale in themselves, or could be built on with any number of panels inbetween. He followed this with Choose Your Own Carl, where fans suggested panels for expanding a Carl adventure, and Scott illustrated his favorite suggestions, creating a multipath storyline framed by the same two panels. The panels in One-Armed Carl are randomly picked from the original Carl story and Choose Your Own Carl, and used with Scott's kind permission. They are copyright 1993, 1999-2001, Scott McCloud and company.

View Scott's Carl stories and his other intriguing experiments in on-line comics at

One-Armed Carl is a production of Nat Gertler, writer/creator of the comic book miniseries The Factor. He is also proprietor of, a website for fans of Charles Schulz's Peanuts, including a Peanuts book collector's guide and online book ordering catalog. This project would be impossible without the kind cooperation of e-Badge, provider of high-quality namebadges.