The AAUGH Blog Podcast: Not That Charlie Brown

There are many Charlies Brown in this world. Some of them have written books about being Charlie Brown. In this episode, the AAUGH Blogger takes a look at several such book, including one of particular significance to the Peanuts fan.

Was Dolores in the strip?

Some of you may have noticed that I have a bit of an obsession with Dolores, a Latina character who did not appear in any of the Peanuts strips, nor in the animated Peanuts, but was seen in a series of Peanuts educational filmstrips circa 1980, and who has since …

Discounted necessity

AAUGH Blog reader Jim points out that Only What’s Necessary, Chip Kidd’s second look at Peanuts materials that I reviewed (positively) here, is now at two-thirds off its $40 cover price over at

Classic finds
Tom Everhart books

I was lucky enough to find out with little warning the Tom Everhart, who has been doing fine-art paintings using Peanuts imagery for over thirty years now, was talking at a local small museum (small enough that it takes up a store space at the local mall. I’ve never met …