The AAUGH Blog Podcast: A Charlie Brown Christmas book adaptations part 3

In the 21st century, Hallmark entered the A Charlie Brown Christmas-adapting realm, and made a big thing of it. And one particular adaptation got reprocessed again and again. In this, the third of four podcast about adaptations of the classic TV special, The AAUGH Blogger looks at both Hallmark’s work and that one persistent set of art.

New releases
Woodstock’s Sunny Day: a wrong book review

I have very recently received the board book Woodstock’s Sunny Day, which I absolutely should not be reviewing, because I still haven’t reviewed The Peanuts Papers, a collection of famed author articles about Peanuts, even though I’ve had it for weeks. But that’s because I’ve only made a dent in the Papers book, …

Classic finds
Charlie Brown is adamant

Charlie Brown is particular adamant in French. From the cover of Te fais pas de bile, Charlie Brown, Canada, 1973.

Not That Charlie Brown
Me and Charlie Brown archives

When digging into those Schulz/Kelly letters, at first I missed what else it is that the Minnesota History Center has on hand – the original paste-ups and other material related to Me and Charlie Brown: a Book of Good Griefs. This is a book that was written by the original Charlie …