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Schulz on the Kindle

You may have heard a lot lately about the Kindle, Amazon’s new electronic book which can quickly download and display books without being attached to a computer. There are more than 80,000 books available for this device… and now one of them is a Charles Schulz book. That’s right, Kindle …

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Schulz/Peanuts news

Only negative one more days until Schulz’s birthday!

AAUGH! I was so busy with certain other matters yesterday (more in the next message), I missed noting that it was Schulz’s birthday – he would’ve been 85. To celebrate, go read daughter Amy’s message about her father toward the end of this thread; it’s the first one for 11/27/07.

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AAUGHing your troubles away

Been shopping over the last couple days? Yeah, me too. Was up in the wee hours yesterday to get a good deal on a second GPS, and then spent the rest of the day buying a second (used) car to go around that GPS. So this is my usual brief …

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Snoopy’s lost Christmas Story

Just added to the Reference Library: the December 1968 issue of Woman’s Day magazine. Why? Because starting on page 46, there’s a four page, twelve panel original Peanuts tale: “The Christmas Story”. As Snoopy listens on, Linus quotes from the bible (the same quote he’d put forth on TV …

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New releases

Another book edition of A Charlie Brown Christmas!

Barnes & Noble now has their exclusive edition of A Charlie Brown Christmas. This is part of a series of Christmas “snow block” books they’re putting out. What is a snow block? Well, you know snow globes, those water-filled balls that you turn or shake and it makes it look …

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Uncategorized The Complete Peanuts 1967-1968: Books: Charles M. Schulz,Seth,John Waters

The Complete Peanuts 1967-1968, scheduled to ship in April, will have an introduction by legendary irreverent filmmaker John Waters. And speaking of upcoming book, at this point Amazon is encouraging preorders with an extra 5% discount, in addition to giving you the maximum discount that they list before the book …

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New to the reference library

Play It Again, Schroeder! is now shipping. Nicely, this is not a Schroeder-themed strip collection; it’s a music-themed collection. That means that it’s still Schroeder-heavy, of course, but not to the degree that they had to scrape up every Schroeder strip out there (in contrast to the recent Pig-Pen-themed collection). …

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Oh, Good Gravy!

How many errors can you find in this first paragraph of a review of Schulz and Peanuts? Charles M. Schulz’s original syndicated comic strip, called L’il Folks, appeared in just seven newspapers. Shortly afterward, he renamed it Peanuts, and the rest is legend. At the time of Schulz’s death in …

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Upcoming releases

Another giveaway with Peanuts

There’s a new giveaway coming to the comic shops, a fake comics section featuring samples from a variety of comic strip reprints. Included are some Peanuts strips from volume 9… and for those who liked the Unseen Peanuts giveaway, these will be strips not reprinted until The Complete Peanuts, and …

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Nat news

We’re fine

I’ve been hearing from folks who are aware that I’m based in Southern California, and are concerned. We’re not in the San Diego area, where the worst of it is. We’re further north, in the greater Los Angeles district. We did have a fire close enough that it was filling …

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