Not That Charlie Brown

Not that Charlie Brown. Not even quite Charlie Brown.

Coming out this coming week: A Sharla Brown Christmas!

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The AAUGH Blog Podcast: A Charlie Brown Christmas book adaptations part 2

The AAUGH Blogger looks at about thirty years worth of book adaptations of A Charlie Brown Christmas adaptations, the varying art and the varying formats it’s presented in. Because when you look at the small details of anything, it can become interesting.

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Animated Peanuts

You’ll Have Barriers, Charlie Brown

I have a foolish obsession strong interest in the 1979-released film strip series Charlie Brown’s Career Education Program. Finding this listing in a scan of a 1989 educational media catalog answered a couple questions for me, like “how long was this around?” (at least a decade) and “how much did …

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New releases

Review: Race for Your Life, Charlie Brown graphic novel

There are a lot of amusing things about the new graphic novelĀ Race for Your Life, Charlie Brown, based on the third Peanuts film, but I have to admit that the one that gave me the biggest laugh was a review quote on the back cover. According to Comicosity, this graphic …

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The AAUGH Blog Podcast: Gift Guide 2018

It’s getting to be gift-buying time, and the AAUGH Blogger is here with some recommended gifts, as well as some gift-giving tips and practices. Books mentioned include: I’m Not Your Sweet Babboo Peanuts Family Cookbook The Wisdom of Woodstock Peanuts Every Sunday 1976-1980 box set, 1971-1980 1961-1965 Schulz books at …

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Nat news

Travels with Spike

On our way driving home from the Grand Canyon, we found ourselves passing through Needles, California, and so of course, I couldn’t resist visiting Spike. The statue resides in a Subway sandwich shop. The town is into their relationship to Snoopy’s brother in a number of ways. The adjacent convenience …

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Millionaire, recluse, cartoonist

I think someone may have mis-entered the author information on this one. What do you think?

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The AAUGH Blog Podcast: A Charlie Brown Christmas book adaptations, part one

In 1965, the first of what would turn out to be many book adaptations of the TV specialĀ A Charlie Brown Christmas was published, illustrated by Dale Hale (read an interview with him here.) The AAUGH Blogger takes a deep dive on that adaptation, how it came to be, and what …

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Classic finds

When my wife asked for the checkbook, I handed her this

I don’t get to add Peanuts books in a new language to the Reference Library very often any more. After all, once you get books in 21 languages, covering much of the world’s population, it starts getting harder to find ones… and even in these days of online ordering …

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