Lotsa little notes

I really am trying to separate things into individual posts these days – but I feel for folks who get the AAUGH Blog emailed to them, and rather than flooding their inboxes, here’s a variety of catch-up items: I Want a Dog for Christmas is on ABC tonight in the …

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Upcoming releases

Complete Peanuts cover

Here’s our first look at the cover for The Complete Peanuts: 1967-1968:

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Calvin & Hobbes bargain

Not Peanuts, but this is one of those prices-so-good-you-gotta-share things. That lovely, $150 Complete Calvin & Hobbes boxed set is 55% off, today only. That’s right, $67.50. No free shipping on this one, I’m afraid, but if you’re buying it for someone as a gift, you were gonna pay for …

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Now shipping

Schulz on the Kindle

You may have heard a lot lately about the Kindle, Amazon’s new electronic book which can quickly download and display books without being attached to a computer. There are more than 80,000 books available for this device… and now one of them is a Charles Schulz book. That’s right, Kindle …

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Schulz/Peanuts news

Only negative one more days until Schulz’s birthday!

AAUGH! I was so busy with certain other matters yesterday (more in the next message), I missed noting that it was Schulz’s birthday – he would’ve been 85. To celebrate, go read daughter Amy’s message about her father toward the end of this thread; it’s the first one for 11/27/07.

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AAUGHing your troubles away

Been shopping over the last couple days? Yeah, me too. Was up in the wee hours yesterday to get a good deal on a second GPS, and then spent the rest of the day buying a second (used) car to go around that GPS. So this is my usual brief …

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Snoopy’s lost Christmas Story

Just added to the Reference Library: the December 1968 issue of Woman’s Day magazine. Why? Because starting on page 46, there’s a four page, twelve panel original Peanuts tale: “The Christmas Story”. As Snoopy listens on, Linus quotes from the bible (the same quote he’d put forth on TV …

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New releases

Another book edition of A Charlie Brown Christmas!

Barnes & Noble now has their exclusive edition of A Charlie Brown Christmas. This is part of a series of Christmas “snow block” books they’re putting out. What is a snow block? Well, you know snow globes, those water-filled balls that you turn or shake and it makes it look …

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Uncategorized The Complete Peanuts 1967-1968: Books: Charles M. Schulz,Seth,John Waters

The Complete Peanuts 1967-1968, scheduled to ship in April, will have an introduction by legendary irreverent filmmaker John Waters. And speaking of upcoming book, at this point Amazon is encouraging preorders with an extra 5% discount, in addition to giving you the maximum discount that they list before the book …

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New to the reference library

Play It Again, Schroeder! is now shipping. Nicely, this is not a Schroeder-themed strip collection; it’s a music-themed collection. That means that it’s still Schroeder-heavy, of course, but not to the degree that they had to scrape up every Schroeder strip out there (in contrast to the recent Pig-Pen-themed collection). …

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