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You knew it had to be coming

This will be a year. A real year. The kind of year when we don’t just have a new book edition of A Charlie Brown Christmas, but it’s actually going to be a completely new adaptation! This one’s going to be a “deluxe edition”, a cloth-covered hardcover with foil highlights. The adaptation is …

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2017 has books, it does

There’s more Peanuts books coming later in the year. The batch I just learned of is mostly kids stuff. The one that makes me happiest is a storybook with Franklin as the title character. The story book You Got A Rock, Charlie Brown (July) The storybook It’s Hockey Time, Franklin (August) The …

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He’s a mixed breed

Sorry for the lack of many updates lately, but between some medical issues (don’t worry, nothing deadly) and going to the Long Beach Comic Expo (where I finally decided that I should describe myself as a “Professional Peanuts Nerd”), life has been full. I’ve got a few more points of news …

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Peanuts books 2017

For the first post of the year, I figured I should do the run-down on what we’re expecting for this year in Peanuts books. Seems likely to be a slightly light year – not full of movie-linked books like 2015, and with hardcover Complete Peanuts having come to an end …

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Good Grief! Modern Life!

For those of you who like an academic bent to the way you think about Peanuts, August brings The Comics of Charles Schulz: The Good Grief of Modern Life. This entry in the Critical Approaches to Comics Artists series has been in the works for a while – the call for …

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Posh Coloring cover

This is the cover for the Posh Coloring Book: Peanuts that’s coming out next April, and it shows one of the little oddities of Peanuts coloring book in general: one of the central characters is, by nature, black and white! Still, looks like fun.

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Hallmark celebrates Christmas the traditional way: taking my money

Having already taken my cash for the Christmas cookbook that I announced a few days ago, Hallmark’s website announced not one but two more Christmas-themed Peanuts books, designed specifically to drag money out of my pocket and place it other places! On one hand, we have another one of those Itty-Bittys books, …

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Beagle Board Book

Next January brings Meet the Easter Beagle!, a board book based on the It’s the Easter Beagle, Charlie Brown tv special.

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Halloween’s more than a year away

We’re already seeing solicitations for Great Pumpkin books for pumpkin season 2017! Now you can pre-order: The board book The Legend of the Great Pumpkin The paperback The Great Pumpkin Returns both coming in July. And to fill your Peanuts board book need without the pumpkiny flavor, May brings Hugs for Snoopy, …

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nice Peanuts cover

I like the design for the cover of the upcoming paperback edition of The Complete Peanuts: 1963-1964. The font of the logo design goes quite nicely with the musical notes.