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Complete Peanuts – upcoming covers

Bopping around The Comics Reporter today, I find a link to where Complete Peanuts editor Kim Thompson has announced the planned list of who will be on the covers of the volumes: 1950-52. CHARLIE BROWN 1953-54. LUCY 1955-56. PIG-PEN 1957-58. SNOOPY 1959-60. PATTY 1961-62. SCHROEDER 1963-64. LINUS 1965-66. CHARLIE BROWN …

Now shipping

Complete Peanuts 5 now shipping

Forgive me for falling behind folks – I’ve had my advance copy of The Complete Peanuts volume 5: 1959-1960 for a while now, but life has not allowed me the time to read and review it. Not that it should need much review; this is Peanuts really heading into what …

Upcoming releases

Many Snoopy Faces cover

The Many Faces of Snoopy strip collection ships in October. Here’s an early look at the cover. Preorders are now being accepted for the new minibook edition of A Charlie Brown Thanksgiving. As always, you can see a list of upcoming Peanuts books here. (I’m sitting in a hotel room …

Upcoming releases

A look inside upcoming gift books

Don’t Give Up, Charlie Brown! and Good Grief, It’s Your Birthday! are two new hardback gift books that I previously told you were coming in June from Harvest House. Now you can take a look a sample of the interiors of both books: Don’t Give Up and It’s Your Birthday.


An early lunchtime

Here’s an early look at the cover for the upcoming Peanuts Lunchtime Cookbook, shipping in August. I’ve been upgrading the blog software lately, and any time you try to improve things, you’re apt to mess other things up. So if you notice any problems, let me know!

Upcoming releases

upcoming rereleases and readaptations

Coming in September is a new miniature book adaptation of A Charlie Brown Thanksgiving, from Running Press. And for folks in the UK, It Was a Dark and Stormy Night, Snoopy drops in August. This is Ravette’s edition of the US Ballantine book reprinting the strips from 1995.


First look: Complete Peanuts v. 6 cover

Here’s a first look at the cover for Complete Peanuts: 1961-1962. This is the volume that comes out in October, and it’s got an intro by G. B. Trudeau, creator of Doonesbury. Before that, of course, is The Complete Peanuts: 1959-1960, which ships in May, with an intro by Whoopi …

Upcoming releases

American history, Peanuts style

Coming this summer is This is America, Charlie Brown, the complete eight-episode TV miniseries on DVD. I’ve been looking for this one to hit DVD for a while. If you’ve never seen this series, it uses the Peanuts characters to tell tales of various aspects of US history. While the …

Upcoming releases

More pretty little Peanuts books

As I’ve mentioned earlier, Cider Mill Press is bringing the Determined Productions Happiness-is-a-Warm-Puppy-style gift books back into print. In addition to the volumes announced earlier, they have some volumes shipping in September: Christmas Is Together Time I Need All The Friends I Can Get Love is Walking Hand In Hand …

Upcoming releases

Peanuts movies on DVD

Shipping next month on DVD and already available for preorder are: A Boy Named Charlie Brown Snoopy Come Home Just $9.99 each, 1/3 off the cover price, if you order now, a real priced-to-own price for these feature-length funnies.