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New Peanuts books in Dutch

AAUGH blog fan Jan let us know that a new set of 10 Peanuts books (each with 600 strips on 200 pages) are planned to be published over the coming year by the Dutch company Atlas. More information is available here (in Dutch).

Upcoming releases

Covering Schulz’s Youth

As long as I’m showing off other publishers’ upcoming covers, I figure it’s only fair that I show you the cover for Schulz’s Youth, next May’s collection of Schulz’s Warner Press work. This is a very tentative stage of the work – expect a lot of adjustment in color, fonts, …

Upcoming releases

Complete Peanuts 7 cover

Here’s a preview of the Complete Peanuts 1963-1964 cover.

Now shipping

Complete Peanuts update

Things have been hectic here of late, and I forgot to note that both The Complete Peanuts 1961-1962 and the nicely cheap boxed set covering 1959-1962 are now shipping. Oh, and as long as I’m talking about The Complete Peanuts, I should note that the German edition is about to …

New releases

Review: Complete Peanuts 1961-1962

Coming next month is The Complete Peanuts 1961-1962 (or “Volume 6” for those who count them that way). I’m not going to bother trying to tell you whether you want it or not. I mean, it’s the next volume of The Complete Peanuts; is it really a question? Packed behind …

Upcoming releases

Making a Great Pumpkin

We’ve finally got the cover for next month’s new book on the making of It’s The Great Pumpkin, Charlie Brown. Now available for preorder (at a discount, of course!) Despite what Amazon is listing now, expect it mid-month.

Now shipping

A clarification, a correction, a comment, and a coming-now book

Some quick notes: Some of you seem to have gotten the wrong end of the stick with my announcement of the book Schulz’s Youth. When I describe the book as containing teenager cartoons, I mean they’re cartoons Schulz did about teenagers, not ones he drew when he was a teenager. …

Upcoming releases

Pig Pen and Crush covers

Here’s a first look at the covers to two new Peanuts books, coming in January and March, respectively. The first is strips about Charlie Brown and the Little Red Haired Girl, and the second is the adventures of Pig Pen or Pig-Pen, depending on which strip you read. Click through …

Upcoming releases

our big Schulz announcement

As I’ve been promising folks, About Comics has announced their new Schulz project at the big San Diego Comic-Con. But for all of you who couldn’t make it out for the con, here’s the news: Coming in May, 2007 is Schulz’s Youth, the first complete collection of Schulz’s work for …

Now shipping

Peanuts books on their way (some, rather sooner than others)

Don’t Give Up, Charlie Brown!, the full color gift book, is now shipping. And you can now preorder March’s The Dirt on Pig Pen, as well as the two Complete Peanuts volumes for 2008: the 1967-1968 volume, and 1969-1970. I don’t recommend placing those preorders now – you’ll pay full …