Upcoming releases

This year’s Complete Peanuts boxed set

The boxed set of The Complete Peanuts 1967-1970 has been announced for September… which is interesting, because the second volume in that set, 1969-1970, isn’t supposed to ship on its own until October. Between that and the reports (which I’ve not yet confirmed) that the boxed set will include the …

Nat news

New books come out, and Nat goes to Austin

Just a quick catch-up on books now available for immediate shipping: The Peanuts Grand Piano Book Peanuts Sudoku Comic Digest And the copies of The Complete Peanuts 1967-1968 have actually been printed and genuinely exist, although they’ve not hit the stores yet. I got a copy just the other day, …

Upcoming releases

Two upcoming book covers

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minor newsy bits

The upcoming new book edition of A Charlie Brown Christmas now has a cover. Some day, I’ll really have to do a chart of all the formats and editions that have come out under this title… Speaking of A Charlie Brown Christmas book – the huge discount available on the …

Upcoming releases

Compact Happiness

Coming in August is a book that Amazon calls The Peanuts Classics Treasury: The Complete “Happiness Is” Collection but which the publisher’s website refers to as Peanuts: A Treasury of Happiness. Presumably, this is a collection of all the content from Happiness is a Warm Puppy, Security is a Thumb …


The three latest books

I just received: The new paperback kids book adaptation of It’s the Easter Beagle, Charlie Brown. This one comes with a sheet of stickers, including 3 of Snoopy and 1 each of six other characters. It’s an okay adaptation as such things go; the even line weight and coloring used …

Upcoming releases

ANOTHER A Charlie Brown Christmas book? Oy vey!

At some point, I really should put together a pile of the various A Charlie Brown Christmas book adaptations and take a photo. Really, it is amusing to me, but then I’m easily amused. And I shall be amused again this fall, as Perseus Books/Running Press has announced the following …

Upcoming releases

Complete Peanuts cover

The World War I Flying Ace hits the cover of The Complete Peanuts: 1969 to 1970, which doesn’t ship until October (it’s not the next volume, it’s the one after that.) And as long as we’re looking at covers, here’s the one for that Peanuts Sudoku Digest, with a bunch …

Upcoming releases

Upcoming kids books covers

Here’s the first look at the covers of two more Peanuts books coming from Running Press Kids: It’s the Easter Beagle, Charlie BrownWhere is Woodstock?And yes, that’s a small-parts-may-choke-toddlers warning on Where is Woodstock? (which should not be confused with 1988 Little Golden Book Where’s Woodstock?, but of course will …

Upcoming releases

The new generation of DVDs

The first two of the new Warner Brother Peanuts DVD releases are now available for pre-order… and they look rather familiar. Warners is pairing the same specials on disks as in the previous editions, so that their Be My Valentine, Charlie Brown disk also has It’s Your First Kiss, Charlie …