Upcoming releases

Every Sunday cover

Here’s the solicited cover for this fall’s volume in the Peanuts Every Sunday series, covering the second half of the 1960s. However, Fantagraphics has a tendency to change their covers after solicitation… and they might do that to the boxed set pictured below as well.

Upcoming releases

more Peanutsy fall books

Added to the books coming up this fall are: It’s the Great Pumpkin, Charlie Brown 50th Anniversary Edition, a storybook with stickers and a trick-or-treat bag (August) Lucy Knows Best, a storybook crafted by Kama Einhorn and Robert Pope, available in paperback and hardcover (August) Peanuts Volume 8, with another …

Upcoming releases

End-of-the-year books

Sorry I’ve been letting the rest of life get in the way of my blogging lately. I’ve had much of general reality to handle… with a thing or two for the Peanuts fans that I’ll tell you about eventually. Anyway, the fall solicitations have been showing up, with some upcoming Peanuts …

Upcoming releases

You can (and should!) order Complete Peanuts 26

I’ve got some catching up to do as this fall’s book solicitations hit the system. A number of things need to be logged’n’blogged, and life is pretty full at the moment, but I wanted to get right to pointing out that you can now preorder The Complete Peanuts volume 26: Comics …

Upcoming releases

Little Patriot disappearing?

Little Patriot Press, the branch of conservative publisher Regenery that had been publishing historically-linked Peanuts Great American Adventure books is showing signs that cause concern.  Amazon just emailed me to say that they couldn’t get their hands on thew new volume that was supposed to be out, I Declare, Charlie Brown. …

Upcoming releases

Snoopy by Peanuts!

There’s an anthology book of comics coming out later this month with an odd credit I don’t think I’ve seen before. I’m used to seeing “Peanuts by Schulz” put on things where Charles Schulz didn’t do the final work (although as it’s all inspired by and based upon his work, …

Upcoming releases

Molly and the Bear

For those who liked Bob Scott’s work on the Peanuts comic book, he’s got one of his own projects coming out in book form next March. Molly and the Bear is quite shockingly not, as logic would dictate, about a truck driver named Molly who drives around with a chimpanzee named Bear, but …

Upcoming releases

The Not-As-Many Faces of Snoopy

In 2006, Ballantine Books put out The Many Faces of Snoopy, a 350 page paperback strip collection focused on Snoopy’s various personalities. It’s still available. So when I saw that Andrews McMeel would next year be putting out a hardcover book of the same name (well, minus the The, in the top …

Nat news

The most unexpected Peanuts book announcement

I swear, I seriously thought about writing this post for April 1st of this year, figuring all would quickly write it off as an April Fool’s announcement, and so I’d be able to tell the truth right in front of everybody and still keep the secret. But I held off, …

Animated Peanuts

Updates on release dates for Snoopy Treasures and Peanuts Movie 2: Franklin’ Trainin’

Three minutes ago, Amazon was listing my new book The Snoopy Treasures as going to be in stock on November 21. I reloaded the page now, and it’s now November 16. In either case, it will be available in plenty of time to be given as a Thanksgiving gift, if you want …