Upcoming releases

Comes with more bamboo sticks than any other Peanuts product I can think of!

This set of things-to-hold-up-to-yourself-while-getting-your-picture-taken, Peanuts Photo Props, is listed as a hardcover book. Seems more like a box thing, I don’t know, but as long as they’re saying that, hey, it qualifies for my coverage.  (It’s also listed as 23 pages, which is mathematically problematic.) I’m hoping the pictures on the …

Upcoming releases

Maybe it’s a treasure hunt!

Yes, my new book The Snoopy Treasures was supposed to start shipping today. No, it did not actually start shipping today. No, I don’t know how long the delay is. Yes, the book exists. I have copies. We shall see.

Upcoming releases

Peppermint Patty Goes to Camp cover

Here’s the cover to for May’s Ready-to-Read storybook Peppermint Patty Goes to Camp. You know, I like books that are Ready-to-Read, just like a like foods that are Ready-to-Eat. I hate to have to do twenty minutes of preparation before a book can be read, so shipping them Ready-to-Read is …

Upcoming releases

Snoopy for President cover

Here’s the planned cover for Snoopy for President!, a storybook scheduled for July 5th of next year in which Linus and Pigpen are challenging each other for the class presidency, only to find that a certain beagle is coming in as a spoiler!

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The Snoopy Treasures preview video

Here’s an obviously unscripted, somewhat frentic video of me showing off my new book, The Snoopy Treasures, coming out in November and available for preordering here! (If you’re reading the blog through email, you’ll probably have to click through to the website for the video.)


Quick notes

I’ve been getting questions asking whether the new book Celebrating Peanuts: 65 Years is the same as Celebrating Peanuts: 60 Years from six years ago. Yes, it is, it’s just the paperback edition. AAUGH Blog reader John points to this Fantagraphics sale which has the small square book Waiting for the Great Pumpkin for …

New releases

Nothing much, what’s Snoo with you?

(My apologies to anyone who saw an incomplete version of this post that was accidentally published.) Yes, I went to Costco today. No, it wasn’t to look to see if the new hardcover collection of all the 1960s daily strips was in yet. Well, not entirely. But it wasn’t. In yet, …

Upcoming releases

Superimposed Snoopys

Sometimes looking at a bunch of Peanuts book covers in a row will raise questions… and answers. Question: Why does Snoopy look like he’s holding something in his right paw on this cover for a book coming out next March? Answer: See this book, coming out in January! And lest …

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Bookplates for your Snoopy Treasures

First off, I don’t know why Amazon and BN.com are suddenly listing December 1 as the release date for my book The Snoopy Treasures. I’ve talked with the publishers, the books are in the warehouse, all is in line for meeting the announced November 10 release date. In a couple days, …

Upcoming releases

An additional Great American Adventure

The three history-oriented storybooks in the Peanuts Great American Adventure series that were one supposed to come out this year have been sliding all over the schedule; at the moment, one is now supposed to be landing in January with the other two in June. But add to that June …