Upcoming releases

Adding a bit of adult color to the Peanuts world

Next April, the Peanuts kids will be brought into the world of adult coloring books with Posh Adult Coloring Book: Peanuts for Inspiration & Relaxation, which is described thusly: The beloved Peanuts characters are reimagined here in 63 fanciful coloring book spreads, interweaving many classic Peanuts themes, such as: Schroeder and …

Upcoming releases

The best and the best, and friends of friends

Coming out on the same day in December are two board books, one named A Best Friend for Woodstock, and the other, A Best Friend for Snoopy. Is this a coincidence? Or are they linked somehow? Could it be that they go together… that it turns out that the unnamed best friend …

Upcoming releases

Linus, visionary

There are some more kids storybooks coming up later this year. In August, we learn that Lucy Knows Best, with Kama Einhorn on adaptation and my occasional collaborator Robert Pope on the art. (For one of Robert’s non-Peanuts books, the About The Author section claims that he is a theologian at …

Upcoming releases

The Washington Post looks at Seth and Complete Peanuts

The Washington Post gives a well due look at Seth and his efforts at bringing The Complete Peanuts together. He has done great things in establishing a usable, functional look to the series, and is now facing with the difficulties introduced with volume 26, which includes a lot of material …

Upcoming releases

More Plastino Peanuts

It’s known that cartoonist Al Plastino was once hired to produce some Peanuts strips to be kept on file, even if there was some disagreement between Plastino’s recollection and other reasoning as to when this took place. Despite rumors that these strips were destroyed, a few have seen print in …

Upcoming releases

Peanuts and Philosophy

Coming in November is Peanuts and Philosophy, a book of twenty essays exploring philosophical matters in or through Peanuts. I’d be a bit more excited if at this point this wasn’t an industry, doing “and Philosophy” books on any pop culture phenomenon. (Just as examples, the two editors of this have …

Upcoming releases

The AAUGH Blog covers a cover with AAUGH

Coming in October is another book in the AMP! Comics For Kids line, Charlie Brown: Here We Go Again. This is another one of those feature-laden full color strip collections, with a poster.

Animated Peanuts

Inside Thanksgiving

For some reason, Amazon doesn’t have the cover for this fall’s new book edition of A Charlie Brown Thanksgiving, but they do have this low-resolution shot of an interior spread…. one which I think makes particularly good use of the two-page layout.

Comic book Peanuts

Sally Brown to the front!

Here’s the cover for volume 8 of the collections of the Kaboom! Peanuts comic book series. This book, which drops in November (and is preorderable now) should include four issues of the comic book… but I’m not yet sure which ones. By the way things have been running, it should include …

Upcoming releases

A soft tribute

October will bring a softcover edition of Peanuts, a Tribute to Charles M. Schulz, the collection of comic book stories by various comicsers either wielding the Peanuts characters or talking about the place of Peanuts in their lives. You can see my review of the hardcover edition here.