Snoopy Treasures redesigned again!

Amazon now has the third cover it’s displayed for my book The Snoopy Treasures, being released in November: It’s only a slight reworking from the second cover: Which was itself more of a variation from the first:    


Only the necessary cover

This is the released cover for this fall’s Only What’s Necessary: Charles M. Schulz and the Art of Peanuts, by the esteemed Chip Kidd. Nice, eh?


Happiness is…

Happiness is… ordering the eBay lot of Peanuts items for the one item you really want, and then only realizing on receiving the lot that that “just another copy of Happiness is a Warm Puppy” that you didn’t care about is actually the German edition, which you didn’t already have!


To Be Announced is announced

They’ve now announced the author of The Peanuts Movie Novelization – it’s Tracey West. Tracey is a very prolific children’s author, with lots of work on licensed character materials such as books about Lego Ninjago and Adventure Time.  One of her most recent releases was one that seems a rather thankless task – …


This Peanuts book is a little puzzling

Coming in May is Peanuts My First Puzzle Book, which looks to be a book of jigsaw puzzles, much like that puzzle book edition of A Charlie Brown Christmas that Hallmark put out last year. This one has five puzzles.


Reworking Peanuts from right to left

I knew the package that arrived today was going to make me very happy, but I wasn’t prepared for just how happy it would. The extreme happiness wasn’t just because it was Peanuts coloring books in Arabic, a language that previously didn’t have any place in the AAUGH.com Reference Library. …

Classic finds

Peanuts to Peanuts

The mail carrier has just brought me my latest eBay purchase, Happy Birthday Person to Person. For those of you less than about half a century old, “person-to-person” is an old telephone term. You could either call “station-to-station”, which basically means that you get charged for the call when anyone answers …


Prime time to buy prime

If the word going around yesterday is correct, at the time you read this, you’ll be able to order Amazon Prime service for a year for $72, which is $27 off the usual price. I’ve been using this service for a couple years, and it’s worth it to me. It …


Time to stop waiting

Today is the last day to order from Amazon with two-day shipping and still get it in time for you to toss a Santa label on it and put it under the tree. So if you want to give someone, say, the first box set of the paperback Complete Peanuts, …


Everything I Need to Know has This Cover

Here’s the cover for the new edition of Everything I Need to Know I Learned From Peanuts. I suspect they may capitalize “know” before they release the book. I sure hope they do; I’m a stickler for title case. Preorder now, and it should ship to you in March.