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A Charlie Brown Christmas is Officially Important, musicwise

Each year, the U.S. Library of Congress names a set of audio recordings that are of historical importance, and this year’s announcement of 25 new inductees includes the soundtrack for A Charlie Brown Christmas! The announcement notes: “A Charlie Brown Christmas” introduced jazz to millions of listeners. The television soundtrack …

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More Peanuts in Space

In The Peanuts Collection, I discussed various ways in which the Peanuts characters have been in space, such as the Snoopy and Charlie Brown modules, and the packets of Silver Snoopy pins that have been sent on each mission. But there’s one way which I missed. On today’s broadcast of …

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There must be something Snoopy in the air

After covering that the film Tower Heist (which I have not seen) features Snoopy via his Thanksgiving Day Parade balloon, I was surprised that the other film which opened wide this weekend – A Very Harold and Kumar 3D Christmas – had a briefer Snoopy mention, as a character asked …

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Snoopy statues invade overseas

For those of you who are missing the days when creative Peanuts statues flooded first St. Paul and then Santa Rosa, it may be time to cash in your frequent flier miles on a trip to Portugal. Friday was the beginning of the Lisbon Snoopy Parade, with 20 statues going …

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San Diego scavenger hunt

I missed one piece of Peanuts San Diego Comic-Connery; the first 200 people to stop by the Peanuts booth each day get a scavenger hunt card. Out of those, the first 50 to complete the hunt (which appears to involve stopping by the booths of various Peanuts licensees) gets a …

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Peanuts at Comic-Con 2011

We’re just days away from the start of the annual madness that is the San Diego Comic-Con. This year, the only Peanuts-focused panel is Sunday’s “How to Draw Snoopy and his Friends”, where some of the folks who worked on Happiness is a Warm Blanket, Charlie Brown (both the animated …

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Free Trade Peanuts, take 2

MetLife has run another ad to the DC lawmaking community, using Peanuts to promote Free Trade Agreements. At least this one brings the Peanuts material better to the topic than the previous one. After all, in the absence of free trade, there may be less worldwide opportunity for the World-Famous …

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It’s a Free Trade Agreement, Charlie Brown

Over the years, I’ve seen the Peanuts characters used to advertise or promote a wide range of things – foodstuffs, automobiles, insurance, books, environmentally-friendly lawncare, vacuum cleaners, water parks, and so forth and so on. But this one is, to my eyes, a first. Taken from Roll Call, which is …

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Trudeau tips his hat

Doonesbury ended a week-long run on the topic of the now-failed rapture prediction with a tip of the hat to Peanuts.

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United Feature Syndicate out of the comics syndicating business

Apparenly, United Features Syndicate, who up until quite recently syndicated Peanuts, is basically getting out of comics syndication, turning over thoseĀ  operations to Universal Uclick. UFS brought some of the most successful comics ever to papers; if they hadn’t seen some value in an odd little strip about kids 60-some …