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That was our Charlie

I presume by now most readers have heard about the slaughter of much of the staff of the French magazine Charlie Hebdo including cartoonists, as well as the policemen who were protecting the offices. And you may have thought that while it was horrific, this magazine of broad and often deliberately offensive …

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Peanuts from the beginning

I was listening to a report the other day covering the The Simpsons marathon than ran on FXX, and one of the things that was noted was that, while all of these episodes had been available on home video for a long time, and reran at various times on TV, …

Schulz/Peanuts news

A little inkin’ for the holidays

For those of you who have been celebrating, are celebrating, will be celebrating, or even those who are merely breathing and feel they have nothing to celebrate – may the coming days be good ones. Here’s my present to you: a previously-unpublished picture of Schulz getting ink onto his pen.

Schulz/Peanuts news

Charlie Brown’s Stocking staging

The St. Augustine (Florida) Record reports that the Shores United Methodist Church will host the Children’s Express Theater performing “Charlie Brown’s Christmas Stocking” on Dec. 17 at 6 p.m. (via Religion notes for Dec. 12 | I wonder whether they’re somehow adapting the story that originally ran in the December 1963 Good Housekeeping …

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A stage version of Schulz

Ah, the things you stumble on when looking for someone else. Apparently, someone’s written a stage play on Schulz’s life, and they staged it last month in Rhode Island. There’s a review of The Man Who Saw Snoopy here.


The force behind Franklin speaks!

Mashable has up an article on the creation of Franklin, including a video of a Schulz Museum interview with the woman whose urging convinced Schulz it was time to integrate the strip.

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Happy 64th anniversary to Good Ol’ Charlie Brown

For today’s 64th anniversary of Peanuts, the website of Time magazine takes a look at the current exhibit at the Schulz Museum.

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Civic Peanuts: Erecting and Electing

Out in Needles, California, they’ve gotten licensing approval to put up a statue of Spike, Snoopy’s brother and the town’s most famous resident, in front of their new Chamber Of Commerce. But that’s nothing compared to what they may be putting up in Tennessee, where the Democratic nominee for governor …

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Snoopy in a hit movie

I just got back from seeing Guardians of the Galaxy, and can point out that among the many details slammed into the film, Snoopy makes an appearance in one small way. The opening scene is set in a hospital, and on a patient’s bedside table, a greeting card with Snoopy atop …