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A stage version of Schulz

Ah, the things you stumble on when looking for someone else. Apparently, someone’s written a stage play on Schulz’s life, and they staged it last month in Rhode Island. There’s a review of The Man Who Saw Snoopy here.


The force behind Franklin speaks!

Mashable has up an article on the creation of Franklin, including a video of a Schulz Museum interview with the woman whose urging convinced Schulz it was time to integrate the strip.

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Happy 64th anniversary to Good Ol’ Charlie Brown

For today’s 64th anniversary of Peanuts, the website of Time magazine takes a look at the current exhibit at the Schulz Museum.

Schulz/Peanuts news

Civic Peanuts: Erecting and Electing

Out in Needles, California, they’ve gotten licensing approval to put up a statue of Spike, Snoopy’s brother and the town’s most famous resident, in front of their new Chamber Of Commerce. But that’s nothing compared to what they may be putting up in Tennessee, where the Democratic nominee for governor …

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Snoopy in a hit movie

I just got back from seeing Guardians of the Galaxy, and can point out that among the many details slammed into the film, Snoopy makes an appearance in one small way. The opening scene is set in a hospital, and on a patient’s bedside table, a greeting card with Snoopy atop …

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Schulz collaborator Bill Adler passes away

I’m a few months late on this – discovered it while doing a related websearch – but the New York Times reports the death of Bill Adler,  at 84. Mr Adler was the author of best-selling books (and plenty of other books, thanks to his rate of peppering the market with material; I remember …

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Peanuts panel at Comic-Con

The folks behind San Diego’s famed Comic-Con have announced the first day of panels, and there is a Peanuts panel. Sounds like it could be interesting; Peanuts and Seth Green are to me two great tastes that I am not certain will go well together, but I’m more than willing to try …

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Peanuts at Comic-Con

There will once again be an official Peanuts booth (#1637) at the famed San Diego Comic-Con, which is coming up in a few weeks (July 23-27, to be precise)… although if you’re thinking about going, you are months too late, tickets are long since sold out. The booth will once …

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Robert Pope signing

Hey, this Friday at the Schulz Museum, Peanuts comic book artist Robert Pope will be signing comic books and doing sketches.  Robert did a beautiful job drawing a couple of my scripts – the New Shoe Zoom one in issue 16, and the one where Sally really does not want …

Schulz/Peanuts news

No Schulz fan’s collection is complete without this

Charles Schulz’ former Minneapolis home for sale. $850,000, and they’ll probably be removing the two Schulz Peanuts paintings (click forward to photo 2) before you buy it, so… I think I’ll pass, myself.