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Peanuts is old enough for a Social Security blanket

Sixty-five years ago today, paperboys were hitting doorsteps with newspapers that included the very first Peanuts strip. Folks who read about Good Ol’ Charlie Brown (“How I hate him!”) probably hadn’t a clue as to how old he would become. And let’s think about that age for a bit. We still …

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Snoopy goes to Tokyo

I’ve been looking for an excuse to go to Tokyo (Ive never been there… or to anywhere beyond North America and its associated islands, for that matter). And the newly announced Snoopy Museum Tokyo just adds that much more to the desire. For that matter, there’s a chance that it …

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Today’s bit of pointless Charles Schulz trivia

When Schulz played golf in the 1964 Crosby ProAm, he was the “Am” (amateur) paired with a pro named Bryant Harvard. Now Bryant, as a pro golfer, had a fairly undistinguished career, winning no major tournaments. He did, however, achieve years before this tournament one thing that I’m pretty sure …

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Eyes on The View

Psst: Expect a bit of Peanuts coverage on Thursday’s The View.


Franklin’s “Mom” gets the good treatment in Philly

You’ve seen me talking before about Harriet Glickman, the woman whose letter to Schulz inspired him to create Franklin in the 1960s – the letter itself is included as a pull-out item in my book The Peanuts Collection. Since then, she’s been getting ongoing attention, which hit a high point over …

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Peanuts programming at San Diego Comic-Con 2015

There is at least some Peanuts-related programming during each of the four full days of next week’s Comic-Con International: San Diego. Here are descriptions copy’n’pasted from the official listings. Peanuts 65th Anniversary Panel In 2015, Charles M. Schulz’s iconic Peanuts gang celebrates not only their 65th anniversary but also two …

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Peanuts Comic-Con Exclusives 2015

For those of you… those of us… headed to the San Diego Comic-Con next month, the Peanuts booth (booth 1637) will have some only-at-Comic-Con items for sale. They have a selection of t-shirts based on visuals from The upcoming Peanuts Movie (twenty-five bucks apiece). and they continue their series of Schleich figurines with one …

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I want my license plate

The fine folks in the California government (specifically the California Natural Resources Agency) asked me to help them encourage Californians to order one of the Snoopy license plates – they’ve got orders for over 5,500, so they have less than 2000 to go to hit that magic 7,500 number where the plate …

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On the fifteenth anniversary of his death

Let us remember that Charles Schulz didn’t use the “someone who has an idea has a lightbulb appear over their head” motif in his comics… he only used it in real life.

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Avoiding any obvious joke of why they should be at the Carter museum instead

Those of you who do not live by a presidential museum may not realize that they end up getting used for many things beyond just a museum for that president’s artifacts. They’re ongoing concerns, and they keep finding ways to draw folks in, as well as serving as meeting places. …