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The original Linus is gone

The one-and-only D. D. Degg pointed me toward this obituary for cartoonist Linus Maurer, who passed away earlier this week at the age of 90. Mr. Maurer was, of course, the person whose name Schulz nicked when giving Lucy a baby brother (and I always thought it was a great …

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I’m gettin’ a Snoopy license plate! I’m gettin’ a Snoopy license plate!

The campaign for license plates with Snoopy on them to raise money for California museums has succeeded, selling the 7500 plates needed to put it into production! If you’re a Californian who has been holding out, you have just until Friday to go here! and order your plate and still get the …

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Snoopy, Hollywood Star

Well, I’m back from the dedication of Snoopy’s new star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame – he’s got a spot on the sidewalk about a block down from the famous Chinese Theater, and right by Schulz’s star (which is the only one I’d ever gone to the dedication of …

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I was watching this weekend’s Saturday Night Live (guest host, Amy Schumer), and they opened with one of their Fox & Friends skits, which I always find worth watching…. most notably for the stream of “factual corrections” to statements made on the show that they scroll across the screen. Ya …

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It’s Christmas Forever, Charlie Brown!

I’m back from the post office with my first two books of A Charlie Brown Christmas postage stamps. And yes, they count as books, or at least pamphlets; they’re designed to be folded down (you peel off the thin stickers that have the copyright information that’s between the blocks of …

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Peanuts is old enough for a Social Security blanket

Sixty-five years ago today, paperboys were hitting doorsteps with newspapers that included the very first Peanuts strip. Folks who read about Good Ol’ Charlie Brown (“How I hate him!”) probably hadn’t a clue as to how old he would become. And let’s think about that age for a bit. We still …

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Snoopy goes to Tokyo

I’ve been looking for an excuse to go to Tokyo (Ive never been there… or to anywhere beyond North America and its associated islands, for that matter). And the newly announced Snoopy Museum Tokyo just adds that much more to the desire. For that matter, there’s a chance that it …

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Today’s bit of pointless Charles Schulz trivia

When Schulz played golf in the 1964 Crosby ProAm, he was the “Am” (amateur) paired with a pro named Bryant Harvard. Now Bryant, as a pro golfer, had a fairly undistinguished career, winning no major tournaments. He did, however, achieve years before this tournament one thing that I’m pretty sure …

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Eyes on The View

Psst: Expect a bit of Peanuts coverage on Thursday’s The View.


Franklin’s “Mom” gets the good treatment in Philly

You’ve seen me talking before about Harriet Glickman, the woman whose letter to Schulz inspired him to create Franklin in the 1960s – the letter itself is included as a pull-out item in my book The Peanuts Collection. Since then, she’s been getting ongoing attention, which hit a high point over …