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AAUGH! The blockheadedness! It hurts!

The dropping of the MetLife Peanuts licenses has produced some rather ignorant coverage, like: MetLife has dropped the 1950s cartoon character, a mascot that likely doesn’t resonate with the youngest generations. Source: The Christian Science Monitor article See you, Snoopy: why insurance co. is saying goodbye to cartoons To make that …

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Peanuts out of the insurance business

Several people have contacted me to make sure I know about the announcement that MetLife is dropping their Peanuts license. There were signs that this was coming, and if it’s news it’s only because that license has lasted a ridiculously long time as licenses go. It produced some interesting commercials, and …

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Award-winning after all these years

Peanuts fared well at last night’s Harvey Awards, Peanuts: A Tribute To Charles M. Schulz (that’s the collection of various respectable cartoonists doing Peanuts stories or stories about Schulz), took three awards: Best Single Issue Or Story Special Award for Presentation Best Anthology

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Peanutsy panels at Comic-Con

Comic-Con International: San Diego (yes, that’s it’s real name) is a week away. For those of you who are going, here are the Peanuts-related panels that are planned: Thursday brings us Snoopy for President: Politics in Peanuts Explore the world of politics through Charles M. Schulz’s Peanuts comic strip. Hear about Charlie …

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Comic-Con Peanuts exclusives EXTRA!

We’ve covered all the items that will only be available at the Peanuts booth at the San Diego Comic-Con, but that’s not all the exclusive Peanuts items you will only find at the con. Dark Horse Comics, publisher extraordinaire (by which I mean that they paid me on time for the …

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Comic-Con Peanuts Exclusive #4: Woodstock

The fourth and final of the exclusives that will be available at the Peanuts booth (#1637) at the San Diego Comic-Con (and I’d list the dates, but why bother? If you don’t already have a ticket, you ain’t getting in!) is also another fourth – the fourth Schleich figure available …

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Comic-Con Peanuts exclusive #3: T-shirts

The San Diego Comic Con exclusive Peanuts items that I generally hear the most clamoring for are the t-shirts. This year’s batch is all Charlie Brown and Snoopy. That kinda fits into the Peanuts comic book tradition; for the 1960s Peanuts comic book series, all of the covers had Snoopy, …

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Comic-Con Peanuts exclusive #2: Coloring postcards

Day 2 of our 4 day voyage through the items that will be exclusively available at the Peanuts booth at the San Diego Comic-Con this year (which is only a couple weeks away at this point!) It’s an adult coloring set – a box of coloring pencils (pointy tips make …

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Comic-Con Peanuts exclusive #1: Presidential pins

Hey, I can work four days worth of posts out of the San Diego Comic-Con exclusives at the Peanuts booth, because they’ve got four exclusives… and number 1 is the freebie! Each day at the booth, they’ll be giving out a different Peanuts pin, each presenting a different Peanuts character as …

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an award-winning Peanuts book

Peanuts books have won a number of awards over the years; I was there when a Complete Peanuts volume got comicdom’s coveted Eisner Award. Well, they racked up another win this week at the Independent Book Publishers Association’s Ben Franklin Awards. The Gold Award in the category of Coffee Table Books …