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Another book edition of A Charlie Brown Christmas!

Barnes & Noble now has their exclusive edition of A Charlie Brown Christmas. This is part of a series of Christmas “snow block” books they’re putting out. What is a snow block? Well, you know snow globes, those water-filled balls that you turn or shake and it makes it look …


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Play It Again, Schroeder! is now shipping. Nicely, this is not a Schroeder-themed strip collection; it’s a music-themed collection. That means that it’s still Schroeder-heavy, of course, but not to the degree that they had to scrape up every Schroeder strip out there (in contrast to the recent Pig-Pen-themed collection). …

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Schulz and Peanuts is released… so?

Well, Schulz and Peanuts is released today, and the hullabaloo has been growing. And people have been emailing me, forwarding me links to various reviews and statements and asking me for my comments and my input on whether they should buy the book. Well, I have no vast insight for …

New releases

Calvin and Hobbes creator talks about Schulz And Peanuts and Schulz and Peanuts

I’m not going to be linking to all of the many reviews of Schulz and Peanuts that are out there, but when Bill Watterson writes, it’s worth having a read, particularly since he goes beyond talking about the biography to talk about Peanuts itself.

New releases

It’s Yet Again The Great Pumpkin, Charlie Brown

Now on store shelves (although not actually in stock at Amazon) is the latest book to come under the the title of It’s The Great Pumpkin, Charlie Brown. This time, it’s a board book, aimed at kids… and with four single-picture spreads and one two-picture spread, it’s not really meant …

New releases

Commenting on my own review

Given the attention that my review of Schulz and Peanuts: A Biography is now getting and the degree of Schulz expertise people ascribe to me at times, I thought I should clarify that. The book does add a richness of fact, but don’t take my review to attest to the …

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Schulz and Peanuts: A Biography: a Review

It’s been a couple weeks now since I finished reading the uncorrected proofs for Schulz and Peanuts: A Biography, this October’s major new look at the life of Charles Schulz; I’ve held off on posting because I wanted to get the review right. This is a significant book. If you …

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found at the Comic-Con

This time last week was about halfway through the famed San Diego Comic-Con. Time was when this was quite a good place to find comic book magazines with Peanuts, but as the focus of the event has switched to the new (in comics, TV, and movies) and away from the …


Woodstock statue book

I’m sitting here without my usual computer (it’s in the shop, sniff), and with a rather sizable work that needs reading and reviewing… so of course I put everything off to review something smaller that I’ve been meaning to get to. Summer of Woodstock is the photobook of the Woodstock …

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The AAUGH blog » Blog Archive » Last year’s holidays still available

After a while of seeing edition after edition, sometimes it swims in front of my eyes. For example, I just reviewed Peanuts Holidays Through the Year, and it didn’t even strike me until a day later that it was just a Hallmark reprinting of Peanuts Holiday Treasury… still in print, …