Hot Wheels hot deals

I’m used to Hot Wheels charging several bucks apiece for licensed character cars, so when I saw this series of six Peanuts cars for $1 at my local Ralphs grocery store (with membership card, natch), I scarfed them up without pausing to think “do I really need Hot Wheels cars?” …


It’s Hockey Time, Franklin!

It’s Hockey Time, Franklin! is yet another kids picture book with a story that borrows bits from strip continuities but builds its own stories. In this tale, Peppermint Patty is trying to use the pond to practice her figure skating when a gang of bullies tries to take over the …

New releases

Review: Celebrating Snoopy

Coming out this October is Celebrating Snoopy, which is a big, thick, high-end strip collection. This thing is a monolith – two inches thick, 10 inches wide, and thirteen inches tall in its slipcase. (If you saw the hardcover edition of Celebrating Peanuts from a few years back, this is that same format; …

New releases

Golf by Snoopy by Gosh!

If you ever wonder why I never act certain that I’ve found all the existing Peanuts books, of even just all of the ones worth finding, it’s because of books like this. AAUGH Blog reader Scott pointed this unexpected volume out to me, and even help me land a copy …

New releases

Great Grandpumpkins

I got four new Peanuts books in the mail this week. You Got a Rock, Charlie Brown! is a Ready-to-Read Level Two book that adapts parts of It’s the Great Pumpkin, Charlie Brown, focusing on the Charlie Brown portions. The adaptation is written by Maggie Tesla and drawn by Robert Pope, …

Classic finds

The envelope please!

Why yes, I did just buy another copy of Linus on Life just so I could have the envelope it originally came with. No, you have too many Peanuts books!

New releases

The Great American Story of Charlie Brown, Snoopy, and the Peanuts Gang!

I got in my copy of The Great American Story of Charlie Brown, Snoopy, and the Peanuts Gang!, which is a Ready-to-Read Level Three book that basically fills the same function as the Schulz biographies that are sold as parts of bulk kids biography sets. Having said that, this stands out as …

New releases

This Week In “I Bet That’s Not Licensed”

There’s been a sudden spate of print-on-demand Peanuts titles that are setting off my “doesn’t look licensed” radar. Let’s see: There’s this coloring book: It it’s out-of-ratio cover doesn’t trigger your suspicion, there’s the fact that its descriptor actually calls it “(Unofficial Snoopy Book)”, as if that makes it a-okay! …

New releases

Peanuts by the numbers

My focus is, and always will be, on Peanuts as a work of art. I draw interest and amusement from how that work of art is presented commercially. But it’s also a matter of business, and not a small business at that. So images like this one being distributed by …

New releases

I think Snoopy has a cold; his head looks stuffed up

I got the Reference Library copy of Hugs for Snoopy – really, I got two copies, because sometimes I forget that I preordered something, and preorder it again. It doesn’t happen very often, thank goodness. I really don’t need two of these for reference; they are particularly hard to shelve, …