New releases


Well, I’ve finally taken the shrink-wrap off of Peanuts: Play Along Piano Songs, the musical item with the integrated 9-key musical keyboard and 9 built-in songs. Press one of the song buttons, the music plays, then the book coaches you through playing the song by lighting up each key you’re …

New releases

Pop fizzles

So I picked this up at Target. This is one of a line of figures released around the time of The Peanuts Movie, although it’s not a movie license; now, it was 75% off its original price, bringing it down under $3. The Pop! line, for those who don’t know it, …

New releases

One last find before I drove off to Beaglefest

Purchased today at Costco! Peanuts Play Along Piano Songs: The keys light up when you press ’em! Not available at Amazon, but yes, available at Barnes & Noble! I’ll see some of you tonight!

New releases

A long-running Thanksgiving tradition

    First off, let me apologize for the large gaps between posts here. The Peanuts-y part of my brain is focused on a possible future project, which it’s obviously to soon to be talking about and the time may never be right. Between that project and trying hard to …

New releases

Messy Like Pigpen and other Like books

Kindly deliveryman has brought me two books in the [blank] Like [character] series, Messy Like Pigpen and Cool Like Snoopy. Now, when I review a book, I try to do it with consideration as to who the target market is… but in this case, I’m really not sure. These are board books, so …

New releases

Complete Peanuts 25

So I have, in my hot’n’handsome li’l hands, a copy of The Complete Peanuts volume 25, collecting the final year-and-a-little of the newspaper strip, which is a good thing to have but not exactly hard to have come by before. But this is filled out with two other items of note: a …

Animated Peanuts

A shiny Easter Beagle

The new book adaptation of the animated special It’s the Easter Beagle, Charlie Brown is a slick production. The cover is embossed, with foil highlights and French flaps (that’s where the covers of a paperback are folded in to create inside flaps. The credits of the book are: By Charles M. …

New releases

Happy Valentine’s Day, Charlie Brown

The whirlybeagle on the cover of the new level-two kids book Happy Valentine’s Day, Charlie Brown is misleading – there is no whirlybeagle on the inside. Instead, it’s a tale of Valentine’s Day, of Charlie Brown making a card for the Little Red Haired Girl and of others making cards or …

New releases

Peanuts in less-than-full color

So I got my copy of Comics Squad: Lunch!, the comics anthology with a new Peanuts story in it. And while the creative line-up and samples seen in Amazon’s Look Inside The Book feature made it seem interesting, the printed volume turns out to have one major change from the version …

New releases

Review: A Charlie Brown Religion

I’m doing something here that I’ve long avoided doing on this blog, and that’s discussing my religious background and beliefs. This is not a comfortable thing for me, for I know that I am out of step with a large portion of my readership, and I don’t know how some …