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Quick little notes

Now shipping are: volume 2 of the paperback edition of The Complete Peanuts, the boxed set of the first two volumes in that series, and the fourth trade paperback collection of the Kaboom! Peanuts comics. (I won’t be reviewing that last, as it’s got some of my work in it. But …


A book! An A Charlie Brown Christmas Book!

I admit, I was fretting about it. It was once again looking like it would be a year without a new book edition of A Charlie Brown Christmas. There were none coming through the regular book channels. We have avoided this disaster narrowly at times, with a Hallmark-only book, or something …

New releases

What I got on Friday

After three straight days of receiving packages of Peanuts books, Thursday was a downer… but Friday perked me back up with a nice big case. This turned out to be my comp copies of Classic Peanuts Paint-By-Number Kit, which includes my short book Classic Peanuts: Great Moments. Now, while receiving this makes …

Now shipping

Fewer and fewer

After getting 5 packages with Peanuts books in them yesterday, I only received two today. And tomorrow, I’m only expecting one… but that one will have three books in it, so I guess that’s okay. If it keeps up at this rate, I will be dead by this time next …

Now shipping

Paint-by-Number Kit now shipping

That Barnes&Noble-exclusive Classic Peanuts Paint-by-Number Kit including the Classic Peanuts: Great Moments book that I wrote is now shipping. I haven’t gotten my comp copies yet, so I can’t review it, but we can simply assume that it’s brilliant, moving, and a sure candidate for all the major book awards this year, right? Right?? …

Now shipping

Halloween Projects Kindle book

The new Kindle book Halloween Projects for the Family by KIngs R.C. (capitalization theirs, although they drop the oddity when they list the name inside as “R.C., Kings”) includes chapters on making Charlie Brown, Woodstock, Snoopy, and “Cool Snoopy”. It does not appear to be a licensed item.

Now shipping

Stuffs a-shippin’

September tends to be a big month for shipping books, particularly for things that are meant to be sold as Christmas gifts. Books that have already started shipping this month include: The gift book Cheer Up, Charlie Brown!: Getting Through Life One Laugh at a Time (which is not, I should note, …

Now shipping

Peanuts storybooks on Kindle

Just out are Kindle editions of a couple of Peanuts storybooks: A Flying Ace Needs Lots of Root Beer and I’ve Been Traded for a Pizza?    

Now shipping

They Called Him Sparky

Eight years ago, They Called Him Sparky: Friends Reminiscences of Charles Schulz came out. It was a keen little book, with pieces by folks who knew Schulz in his St. Paul days, generally through his faith community, the Church of God. There are reminiscences, photos, correspondence, and cartoons that Schulz drew …

Now shipping

Books are shipping

My copy of POW! arrived yesterday, so that’s shipping. And hardcover Complete Peanuts volume 21 and the first volume of the paperback edition of Complete Peanuts started shipping last month, and I forgot to note it. Now it’s noted.