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You can be in a Peanuts book!

The plans for this were announced so far back that I was beginning to think that the project had been scuttled, but now you can buy your kids (yeah, right, your kids; me, I’ll be buying them for myself!) personalized Peanuts books. Alas, they’re not very personalized; your “child’s” name …

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The deluge begins

Well, I was forecasting a deluge of Peanuts books in the fall, but I should have looked at my calendar more closely – these two shipments are arriving tomorrow, which is still the last day of summer. Having said that, it overcounts things a tad. Seems I was relying on …

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Halloween in your mailbox

Now shipping are two Halloween-themed storybooks: You Got a Rock, Charlie Brown and the new book adaptation of It’s the Great Pumpkin, Charlie Brown.

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Snoopy Kindle books

I’ve fallen behind on chronicling the new US Kindle editions of older British themed Snoopy strip collections.

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An apology

The blog’s been a little dry lately. Sure, I try to put up what I hope are interesting odd things like the piece on the person who provided Lucy’s drawing for Snoopy and “It Was a Dark and Stormy Night”, or yukking it up a bit about the plethora of the …

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Snoopy Amigurumi Pattern

Just up for you Kindle users is a Snoopy Amigurumi Pattern, For those unfamiliar with “amigurumi,” its the art of crocheting critters. This is four bucks for one pattern… but if this stuff interests you, remember the Peanuts Crochet Kit, which has a bunch of patterns plus some supplies.

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I already used the good humorous title for this one

The short parody mashup story Snoopy is a Time Lord by William Hrdina, which I’ve previously noted you can download as a free PDF from the author’s website and could purchase as an ebook for the Nook, is now available for the Kindle, if you want to pay 99 cents for it.

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Peanuts books have been arriving

I’ve been trying to keep the blog down to one post per day, but there’s been a lot of little things going on (I’ve got new blog posts queued up for the next few days already – covers, new book announcements, things of that sort), so I figured I’d better …

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Let’s Dance, Snoopy now shipping

The strip collection Let’s Dance, Snoopy is now shipping. I should have my copy in my hands within a couple days, and then I’ll be able to tell whether it is still promoted as a 65th Anniversary book or not (the early title listings said so, but the samples currently showing …

Comic book Peanuts

Quick little notes

Now shipping are: volume 2 of the paperback edition of The Complete Peanuts, the boxed set of the first two volumes in that series, and the fourth trade paperback collection of the Kaboom! Peanuts comics. (I won’t be reviewing that last, as it’s got some of my work in it. But …