Animated Peanuts

Five hours, seventeen minutes of Peanutsy goodness!

I picked up today something that I wasn’t sure would ever exist. The Peanuts 4-Movie Collection gathers all four of the classically animated Peanuts theatrical films into one handy, cheap set (just under $20 at the moment). The reason that this seemed unlikely is that the four films are owned by two …

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Have yourself a book-form Charlie Brown Christmas!

AAUGH Blog fan Bill just alerted me to this item you see pictured, a  Walmart Exclusive 50th anniversary set of Charlie Brown Christmas. It’s got two CDs,  four postcards (not just postcards, collectible postcards, we are told. They have not been collection-proofed! And looking at them, very non-Christmassy!) And what’s that over at the …

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Now available: The Snoopy Treasures!

At long last, that we have all been waiting for when we didn’t have anything better to do has occurred: my new book The Snoopy Treasures: A Celebration of the World Famous Beagle has started shipping from Amazon! And the reviews have started coming in, and so far, they’ve all been …

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Big Book sighting

AAUGH Blog reader Bobby just dropped me an email to let me know that he’d sighted the 1960s volume of The Big Book of Peanuts, with all the daily strips from that decade, in a big pile at his local Costco in Virginia, along with copies of the 1970s and …

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Schulz’s bridge cartoons for the Kindle

Timed totally coincidentally to launch on the day of The Peanuts Movie release is the Kindle edition of Bridge Mix: the Bridge Cartoons of Charles M. Schulz, the collection of the bridge-themed cartoons from Schulz’s single-panel newspaper feature, “It’s Only a Game”. The publisher is About Comics, which is… hey, that’s me! …

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Happiness is a Now Shipping Book

Now shipping are the redesigned-cover editions of Happiness is a Warm Puppy, Home is on Top of a Doghouse, Christmas is Together-Time, and Love is Walking Hand in Hand.

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You can be in a Peanuts book!

The plans for this were announced so far back that I was beginning to think that the project had been scuttled, but now you can buy your kids (yeah, right, your kids; me, I’ll be buying them for myself!) personalized Peanuts books. Alas, they’re not very personalized; your “child’s” name …

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The deluge begins

Well, I was forecasting a deluge of Peanuts books in the fall, but I should have looked at my calendar more closely – these two shipments are arriving tomorrow, which is still the last day of summer. Having said that, it overcounts things a tad. Seems I was relying on …

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Halloween in your mailbox

Now shipping are two Halloween-themed storybooks: You Got a Rock, Charlie Brown and the new book adaptation of It’s the Great Pumpkin, Charlie Brown.

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Snoopy Kindle books

I’ve fallen behind on chronicling the new US Kindle editions of older British themed Snoopy strip collections.