Not That Charlie Brown

A better pitcher than Charlie Brown

Ladies, gentlemen, and those who identify otherwise, let me introduce you to: Charlie Brown! Charles Edward Brown was a professional baseball pitcher… briefly. In 1897 he pitched four games for the Cleveland Spiders, a Major League Baseball team of the day. This left-hander started four games, and is credited with …

Not That Charlie Brown

Me and Charlie Brown archives

When digging into those Schulz/Kelly letters, at first I missed what else it is that the Minnesota History Center has on hand – the original paste-ups and other material related to Me and Charlie Brown: a Book of Good Griefs. This is a book that was written by the original Charlie …

Not That Charlie Brown

Not that Charlie Brown. Not even quite Charlie Brown.

Coming out this coming week: A Sharla Brown Christmas!

Not That Charlie Brown

Back then, it meant “courting”

Charlie Brown, you have been making love to my sister for quite a while, an’ if you let me go now, I will consent. From Fun in a Post Office: A farce in one act, by E. Henri Bauman, 1888

Not That Charlie Brown

Charlie Brown’s woman trouble

“I won’t marry Charlie Brown–never–and it’s very cruel in you to say anything about it!” interrupted Kitty, with flashing eyes, but with a great tremble in her voice. “I will never marry anybody!” “But Katherine Forrester, Charlie Brown loves you!” “I don’t care if he does.” “And you love him.” …

Not That Charlie Brown

Charlie Brown shows

On Wednesday, September 7, 1887, a horse named Charlie Brown, owned by one H.P. Brown, came in third place at a race at the annual fair for California’s Seventeenth Agricultural District, consisting of Placer and Nevada County. This would have been more impressive had there been more than three horses …

Not That Charlie Brown

Charlie Brown in black and white

Found another Charlie Brown of history. In 1875, Charlie Brown and his brother Derry, as well as some other individuals, were accused of rounding up fellow African Americans in order to kill the white men of Mississippi. This was at a time when race issues were playing out in some …

Not That Charlie Brown

Charlie Brown has been in town for a long time

Back in 1884, there was a Native American (of the Calpella band) farmer who knew English better than the fellow members of his band, so he ended up doing a lot of the translation for them. He’d been born in Santa Rosa, California, in the town where the Schulz Museum and his …

Not That Charlie Brown

Not that Snoopy

I think we can assume that this feline star of the book Snoopy’s Holiday Adventure (self-published last month) is not, in fact, the beagle we’ve all come to know and love. (The currently listed price is $21.62, which, for 24 pages, is a bit steep even for my I-like-to-have-Not-That-Snoopy-books buying …

Comic book Peanuts

Quick little notes

Now shipping are: volume 2 of the paperback edition of The Complete Peanuts, the boxed set of the first two volumes in that series, and the fourth trade paperback collection of the Kaboom! Peanuts comics. (I won’t be reviewing that last, as it’s got some of my work in it. But …