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A couple of non-Schulz notes

Since I have this audience here, I’m going to exploit it a bit for a good cause. The wife of cartoonist Stan Sakai, creator of Usagi Yojimbo, has a bad health situation that requires ongoing home care. The Sakais have insurance, but this expense is above and beyond what is …

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When being the AAUGH Blogger gets surreal

Some days, you wake up and find that you’ve been repeatedly cited in an article (and called out on a small error) by this guy: that’s Eddie Deezen, who played Eugene in Grease and Grease 2, and was one of the faces who showed up regularly in films that you’d …

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Nat’s Most ADJECTIVE Comics

Folks have asked me to mention my own, non-Peanuts projects on this blog, so here’s the latest little oddity: The Most ADJECTIVE Romance Comics Ever! is a creative comics game in book form. I’ve taken some tales from classic romance comic books and reworked the dialog with blanks calling for …

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Meet Nat in Pasadena tomorrow

As a reminder to those in Southern California: I’ll be appearing in at the Central Branch of the Pasadena Library tomorrow¬† from 6 to 10 PM, as part of the big ArtNight Pasadena festivities. I’ll be glad to chat, to answer questions… and if you want to buy a copy …

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Upcoming Nat stories – and a free offer

So yesterday, Peanuts 12 came out with my longest Peanuts story, “Movie Time”. For those of you who preorder your comic books (which is some of you) and for those of you who buy your Peanuts comics based on whether or not there’s a Nat Gertler story in them (which …

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Die Peanuts Schatztruhe!

I was sitting at home, growing ill and grumpy, when a package arrived with something that I had no idea existed: my book, The Peanuts Collection, in German. It comes out next month, from Panini! Woohoo! (Preorderable here)

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I have no issue with an issue not having me

I just learned that issue 11 of the Kaboom! Peanuts comic book series (coming out later this month) will not have any of my stories in it. I’m only pointing this out because I didn’t want anyone buying the issue, not seeing a story from me, and assuming that I’m …


Franklin’s 45th!

To celebrate the 45th anniversary of the first appearance of Franklin, Hogan’s Alley magazine has put online the article I wrote for them a couple years back about the creation of Franklin. Go read!

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the Snoopy panel

Thanks to everyone who came by the Snoopy panel yesterday at Comic-Con. All of the panelists had their own way of looking at Snoopy, we got to find out who on the panel had a Snoopy tattoo (answer: not me!), favorite strips were shared, audience questions were fielded, and everyone …

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Comic-con reminder

The famed Comic-Con International: San Diego (yes, that’s its full name) starts tonight and runs through Sunday. If you don’t have a ticket, don’t even think about it; it’s long since sold out (although if you are in San Diego anyway, there are plenty of things that are happening near …