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That’s me, holding up the leather-bound Easton Press edition of A Charlie Brown Christmas: The Making of a Tradition, which I scooped up with a little recent birthday money. With this purchase, I now own every edition of print adaptations of A Charlie Brown Christmas. Well, every one that I …

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More info on the upcoming book

I still haven’t gotten clearance to talk about that October book. But for those of you who asked, there is more info to be linked to!

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An upcoming book

As I’ve said before, when I’m on the “inside” of some project, I’m not always free to talk about the details. But no one can fault me for linking to a listing that’s already on Amazon….

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You are Good Folks, AAUGH Blog Readers

First off, thanks to all of the AAUGH Blog readers who sent in suggestions about how I can get the scent of smoke out of my Braille edition of Home Is On Top Of A Doghouse (various suggestions of laundry products, baking soda, and exposure to sun). I do now …


The ways of eBay, and what people are buying

So I was searching for Peanuts books on eBay the other day (an exercise which has gained me a lot of items and cost me a lot of money over the years), and I came across a copy of the leatherbound Easton Press edition of A Charlie Brown Christmas: The …

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The dreaded missing “not”

Ever type an email or a message board post and make a strong statement, but accidentally leave the word “not” out of it? I’ve got that down to about once every three years now. Did that in the last message. On the DVD, they didn’t have me saying anything I …

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New books come out, and Nat goes to Austin

Just a quick catch-up on books now available for immediate shipping: The Peanuts Grand Piano Book Peanuts Sudoku Comic Digest And the copies of The Complete Peanuts 1967-1968 have actually been printed and genuinely exist, although they’ve not hit the stores yet. I got a copy just the other day, …


Back from the Schulz Museum

If any of the folks I talked to during my appearance at the Schulz Museum this weekend are reading this: hi! And thank you for dropping by! The appearance went well, and the folks at the museum were kindly and helpful. I got a chance to look at their current …

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Reminder – Nat at Schulz Museum on Saturday

Just a reminder that I will be the Cartoonist In Residence at the Schulz Museum from 1 to 3 PM this Saturday. That means mainly that I’ll be there, doing a little work on a project, and answering questions of anyone who feels like asking them. Since the current exhibition …

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Nat at the Schulz Museum

The Schulz Museum has just announced that I’ll be appearing there next month, not with my “publisher of Schulz cartoons” hat on nor my “AAUGH blogger” propeller-beanie, but under my guise as a comic book writer. Officially, I’m their “Cartoonist in Residence for the month of February”, which makes it …