a brief cheap tangential book

The essay book Black Images in the Comics is currently steeply discounted. I’m going to avoid saying the price, because it’s been going slowly upward. Franklin is on the cover (which differs from the cover showing at Amazon, featuring eight characters rather than 9), but there’s only a short page …


Free Great Pumpkin for Android

AAUGH Blog reader Scott just pointed out to me that the Great Pumpkin app is free for Android users in the Amazon App store, today only. Go get it, Androiders!


Good deal on A Charlie Brown Christmas

I get no kickback on this, but I figure that some of you might like this good deal on a pop-up edition of A Charlie Brown Christmas, just $5.08 including free shipping. (Please note that this is an earlier pop-up edition, and not the pop-up-and-sound-button edition I reviewed recently.)


Charlie Brown Christmas fabric on sale

I just noticed that the A Charlie Brown Christmas fabric that I discussed the other day is now on sale for under $6/panel, but only through the end of the day. The same site has a number of other Peanuts fabrics, as you can see here; one AAUGH Blog reader …


Amazon up and ups

The death notice of the Amazon 4-for-3 deal turns out to have been premature; I’m not sure why the deal wasn’t showing up on the product pages for a while there, but now it is. So if you want to preorder 4 copies of Charlie Brown’s Christmas Stocking and only …


Amazon ups and downs

The good news from Amazon is that the new boxed sets of The Complete Peanuts 1983-1986 can now be ordered; whatever problem was keeping them from releasing sets has obviously been cleared. The bad news is that it looks like one of Amazon’s standard discounts has gone away. Until recently, …


Preorder the Art of Peanuts Animation now

At the moment, you can preorder The Art And Making of Peanuts Animation for $20.83, which is a pretty steep discount for a $40 book… and remember that if the price goes down at any time between now and when the book ships this fall, you’ll get that lower price. …


Willie and Joe, after the war

If, like Schulz and Snoopy, you’re a big fan of Bill Mauldin – perhaps if you’re one of the folks who ordered Willie & Joe: The WWII Years when we had the hardcover up at a discount here – then you may want to grab up this deal: Willie & …


Mickey Mouse invades for a great deal

I know we’ve got a lot of general comics fans out there, and this one is too good to pass up: for some reason the first hardcover volume in the reprints of Floyd Gottfredson’s Mickey Mouse is just $5.08 at the moment, quite a discount off of $29.99 list. I’m …

Animated Peanuts

A Blanket discount

Happiness is a Warm Blanket, Charlie Brown on DVD is now just $6.49.