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Schulz Museum fires closer

The evacuation area for the Santa Rosa blazes has now expanded toward the south – i.e., the Schulz Museum is no longer on the edge of the danger area. The purple dots (added by me) toward the bottom of this map are the Museum and the ice rink. The red …

Schulz/Peanuts news

Fire threatening the Schulz Museum

There are wildfires in Santa Rosa, California, and the Schulz Museum and the adjacent skating rink and gift shop within the area under evacuation… but just barely. As of 6 AM, the southern edge of the evacuation area was West Steele Lane, which the Schulz buildings are on the north …

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Letters to Santa from the Peanuts Gang

Hallmark’s got a new book for this Christmas season. No, not a new book adaptation of A Charlie Brown Christmas (not yet, anyway). This one is Letters to Santa, a 24-page hardcover storybook written by Bill Gray, illustrated by Rich LaPierre. It tells the tale of the gang writing letters to …

Upcoming releases

Complete Peanuts cover

This is the announced cover for the paperback edition of The Complete Peanuts 1967-1968, coming out next May. These paperback covers sure are warmer and friendlier than the hardcover (in a design sense, I mean; this particular cover is clearly pretty mean.)

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Doctor Who Do You Think You Are, Charlie Brown?

AAUGH Blog Reader Todd alerts us to some Peanuts references in an unexpected volume. Now We Are Six Hundred, with it’s A.A. Milne-reference title, is a collection of James Goss’s poems inspired by that central inspiration of all great poetry, Doctor Who. The Peanuts-related material is not within the poems …

Upcoming releases

Peanuts for the Soul

For British book buyers, next month brings Peanuts for the Soul, a strip collection focused on philisophical and at times encouraging strips.


A slight adjustment

So, of course, just after posting that message about Schulz and women’s athletes, I discovered that I’d missed one adult women golfing cartoon… and it’s one that doesn’t go along with what I was saying (although it hardly surmounts my more general statement.)Perhaps I can be forgiven for having missed …

Schulz/Peanuts news

Your second chance to buy Peanuts!

Remember not that long ago, when Iconix was selling of their portion of the Peanuts rights, and you were digging through your sofa cushions hoping to find enough money? And the DHX Media went and bought out the rights and you felt that dadgummit, now you’d never own Peanuts? Well, …


Schulz and women’s sports – an AAUGHtober reflection

Charles M. Schulz supported women’s sports in some very visible ways. You can see it in his friendship with Billy Jean King, and in his work with the Women’s Sports Foundation.  And you can especially see it in his comics particularly when you get into the 1970s, where Peppermint Patty …


It’s AAUGHtober!

Yes, I am declaring this month AAUGHtober, and have decided that every AAUGHtober, I should do big things here at the AAUGH Blog. I am working on a Big Thing for later in the month – and I’m declaring it publicly so that you readers can kick my butt if …