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Lucy Says cover

This is the cover to Lucy Says, the penultimate Wendy’s Kids Meal Under-3 Peanuts book. As suspected, it features the round-headed kid not at all. Rather, it’s full -on Queen Lucy, Stratocaster-shaped noggin, frilly dress, and all. Wendy’s has released this new batch of Kids Meal toys; if your local …


Changing the blog trimmings

With our Amazon deal back in place, I’ve gotten rid of the “tip jar” that was at the left of the blog, both because it felt like I was presenting this blog as a charity of some sort, and because it simply (and expectedly) had no effect, with no tips …

New releases

Halloween beats Christmas

It doesn’t seem likely, but this year there are actually more new books of It’s the Great Pumpkin, Charlie Brown than of the perennial book-generator, A Charlie Brown Christmas! The latest edition to be added to the list is the Play-a-Sound edition published by Publications International. This is a board …

Upcoming releases

Christmas Is Coming is coming

Coming out next week is the CD Christmas is Coming: a tribute to A Charlie Brown Christmas by the Lori Mechem Quartet, a mix of covers of music from the classic TV special and other Christmas tunes.


AAUGH Blog back to Amazon

Just a quick note that Amazon has decided to restore as a referer, and as such most of the item links in the blog will once again take you to Amazon. Most of you won’t care, but I know some of you prefer it this way.

Upcoming releases

My inside elf at Wendys says…

The next new Wendy’s Kids Meal book, officially released next Monday, will be: Lucy Says. It’s about… Lucy! Which makes it sound like the cover will have… Lucy. If so, we’ll have reached the penultimate book without Charlie Brown being on the cover. It’s your last chance, Chuck!

Animated Peanuts

It’s the It’s the Easter Beagle, Charlie Brown Deluxe Edition cover, Charlie Brown!

Here’s the cover to the upcoming deluxe edition of It’s the Easter beagle, Charlie Brown, a design match to the earlier deluxe books of the Christmas and Great Pumpkin Day specials. It’s due out for February.

New releases

Did you know there’s a book editon of A Charlie Brown Christmas?

The AAUGH Blogger is happy, and if the AAUGH Blogger is happy, odds are good that there’s a new book edition of A Charlie Brown Christmas. And there is! This isn’t a new-from-the-ground-up edition, however. It’s a version of the sound-button book that was a Hallmark exclusive last year. But …


Dept of Blanket Security

Ridge Rooms, who did a lot of design work on various Peanuts products that have come out over the past few years (although she – yes, Ridge Rooms is a she – is no longer working on Peanuts material) has a portfolio site which includes material I had not seen …

New releases

Trick or Treat or Look Or Find, Great Pumpkin

The It’s the Great Pumpkin, Charlie Brown Look and Find book is an oversized one of busy pictures, each of which has a handful of specific items your children (or, on a quiet day, yourself) is supposed to search for. This puts it in the same category as the Where’s …