Franklin makes the cover

Those of you who read my book The Peanuts Collection know about Harriet Glickman, the woman who suggested to Schulz that he add a bit of racial diversity to the previous all-white cast of Peanuts. I had a longer discussion with her and did a write-up for Hogan’s Alley magazine, …

Now shipping

Complete Peanuts: Now Shipping

Now shipping is The Complete Peanuts volume 16, including all of the strips from 1981 and 1982, as well as the box set of volumes 15 and 16.

New releases

Great Pumpkin Sound Buttoms

There have been two large-sized adaptations of It’s the Great Pumpkin, Charlie Brown issued recently, one which used a very flat-color classic-looking take on the images (a Hallmark exclusive), and one which used a lots-of-modeling Photoshop-heavy version (published by Running Press and distributed widely). This new Hallmark edition reprints the …


The author of “A Dark And Stormy Night” meets the Dark Knight

Schulz draws Batman. Really. (It seems only fair; there is one published Batman story where the entire text was taken from Snoopy’s famed novel.)

New releases

The World’s Greatest Beagle Scout

I now have my copies of The World’s Greatest Beagle Scout, the seventh of the ten-book run of Peanuts books being distributed. It’s a slightly-oddly-c0lored (washed-out looking) series of 5 two-page images describing what Snoopy does with his Beagle Scout troop on an overnight hike. There’s nothing particularly amusing about …

Upcoming releases

Two more books to come

Running Press, publishers of many a Peanuts book these days, have announced two more books for 2012. February’s Snoopy the Flying Ace is actually one of those boxed sets which comes with a booklet and some object… and sorry, I don’t yet know what the object is. Good Grief! Charlie …

Classic finds

Filling the Charlie Brown Christmas hole

Thanks to alert AAUGH Blog reader Debbie (whose online comic strip “Fluffy & Mervin” you should check out) filling in when my Googlefu was failing me, I now have a copy of the one edition of A Charlie Brown Christmas I was missing: the book and tape edition. Now this …

New releases

The cover of that new, unlicensed edition of Young Pillars

Makes you want to rush right out a buy a copy for thirty-some bucks, doesn’t it?

Upcoming releases

Happiness is a Warm Nook

They’ve started a new push putting Peanuts books on the Nook, the Barnes & Noble ebook device. Went to check it out myself, and got the bad news: they’re only for the color Nook (and the iPad Nook software), because the books have interactive elements that wouldn’t work on the …

Upcoming releases

The cover for this year’s other Charlie Brown Christmas edition

Here’s the preliminary cover for the upcoming new book edition of A Charlie Brown Christmas. Almost certainly, this will use the same adaptation as last year’s Hallmark edition; it even has the same sound buttons. However, not only is the cover different from the Hallmark edition, it looks like it’s …