Joe Ace, Flying Cool

Starting today, Build-a-Bear Workshops will be carrying a stuffed Snoopy, customizable with a range of outfit pieces (which, for those of you who have not experienced B-a-BW, is what their business is all about.) The figure has been available for online order for a few days… and pictured here is …

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Now shipping and now orderable

Now orderable: The Complete Peanuts 1983-1984, introduction by Leonard Maltin! Now shipping: A Charlie Brown Christmas: With Sound and Music, the non-Hallmark version of last year’s Hallmark version. I will be covering this as soon as I get it in my CBChristmas-greedy hands! Also, It’s the Great Pumpkin, Charlie Brown …

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Into the Sky with The Flying Ace – a review

The eighth of the ten Wendy’s Kids’ Meal books is Into the Sky with the Flying Ace. Throughout this, we see roughly the same image – a mid-range shot of Snoopy the Flying Ace sitting on his doghouse. Five of the pages are what you see here – The Flying …

Animated Peanuts

Upcoming Peanuts DVDs

There’s a couple more Peanuts DVDs on the way as part of the Happiness Is… Peanuts run of not-named-after-a-TV-special DVDs. First up is Snow Days, which includes the special She’s a Good Skate, Charlie Brown as well as some material from the Saturday morning Charlie Brown & Snoopy Show series. …

Upcoming releases

Preordering the Peanuts comic book

Comic book stores will now have the catalog from which they can preorder issue #0 of the new Peanuts comic being published by the Kaboom line. Please realize that many comic book stores won’t order any copies unless they get requests (many stores are better described as “superhero stores” than …

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The latest Wendys book cover

See? No Charlie Brown again. What’d I tell ya? The round-headed kid gets no respect. This book should now or very shortly be appearing at a Wendy’s hamburger outlet new you, unless you’re not near a Wendy’s, in which case it will be appearing at Wendy’s far from you, where …


Today’s Peanuts tongue twister

SNOOPY’S SHEEP SHOES Five times fast. Start now.

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Will Charlie Brown finally make the cover of a Wendy’s book?

It looks like the round-headed kid will be locked out of the cover spot for the Wendy’s Kids’ Meal books for the eight month in a row, as the title for the new book (due in about a week) is Into the Sky with the Flying Ace. That gives him …

Upcoming releases

New Peanuts comic book series

Peanuts is coming back to the comic book world. Boom! Studios, the same folks who published that nice graphic novel adaptation of Happiness is a Warm Blanket, Charlie Brown, have announced a new ongoing Peanuts comic book series from their Kaboom imprint, featuring “all-new stories”.  It starts with an issue …

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Look what I Looked and Found

It’s the It’s The Great Pumpkin, Charlie Brown Look and Find book! This one has been released through the bargain book system rather than through regular book distribution methods. Amazon doesn’t generally carry such books directly, although sometimes they have them listed for third-party sales., linked to above, carries …